Out-of-the-Box Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

The holidays are a great time to show some extra customer appreciation by freely giving out swag. Make a memorable impression on your clientele this year by skipping the run-of-the-mill promo items and going for gifts with a warmer feel. Think out-of-the-box for your customer gift ideas and start spreading that holiday cheer.

Start-Up Swag

As a start-up company, you’re trying to find ways to promote your business and get things moving within your community quickly. There are a lot of expenses associated with these early days and not a lot coming back in yet, but making room in the budget for some quality swag will actually help to propel […]


I am sure you have heard that your brand encompasses everything!  It is everything you do and it is all aspects of your business, from your logo to how you clean your bathrooms are.  This is great, but how do you start creating your brand?

female shirt screen print elevate promo

The Perfect Lady’s Tee!

When choosing t-shirts for your swag lineup, you may have gone with a uni-sex or male design for your entire order in the past. You can get high quality shirts this way and your male customers will get some good wear out of them, but they’re probably destined to become pajama shirts for most of […]


When Dan is out of the office we take it upon ourselves to make improvements of his desk for him! We know Dan loves his privacy so we went ahead and hooked him up!

Add athletic shirts to your swag lineup

Adding Athletic Shirts to Your Swag Lineup

T-shirts are your customers’ favorite swag item, and you can up your game even more by offering athletic shirts as promo items. Athletic clothing is big business these days, and nearly everyone has a drawer or two set aside for these items. You can earn a space in that drawer, and on the backs of […]

choosing a t-shirt neckline

Swag Wars: Crew Neck vs. V-Neck Tees

Here’s what you already know about using t-shirts as a promo item for your business: You know they’re the most popular swag item among customers. You know that successfully getting customers to wear your t-shirts increases your brand value in your community. You know you need to order a high quality tee in a flattering […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Accepted!

Matt Frisbee with ChiefMO, Clayton Shumway with Traeger Grills, and all the staff at Will’s Pit Stop, you are next!  We love helping out with a great cause! p.s.  There is a hidden track at the end of the video.

Set up an online company swag store

Setting Up a Company Swag Store

Having all of your company information centralized on your website makes setting up a swag store an easy step. A swag store is a place where you customers and fans can go to purchase items that feature your company logo and other designs. Offering swag in an online store helps you to raise some extra […]

Logo Color Schemes

Choosing a Logo Color Scheme

Logo design is an important component of your business, since the logo you choose is going to be defining you in so many ways. As the face of your brand, your logo will be featured on your stationery, your swag, around the office, and more. If you design your logo the right way, your community […]