choosing between tote bags and t shirts

Swag Wars: Tote Bags vs. T-Shirts

When you’ve only got room in your marketing budget for one more item, your choice comes down to tote bags or t-shirts. T-shirts are perceived as a high value item that everyone loves receiving. Tote bags are also a great investment too, because consumers get a lot of use out of them. There are pros […]

3 Common Tradeshow Mistakes

TRADESHOW SERIES PART 1: We’ve all attended a tradeshow or two.  The luckiest of us all have had a booth at a tradeshow.  Tradeshows can be a fantastic way of generating new clients and educating your audience about what your company is and does.  It also is also a great way to rub elbows with […]

Flat hat bill

The Ball Cap Bill Debate- Flat Vs. Curved

Baseball caps have been around since the mid 1800s, when the New York Knickerbockers debuted them as part of their team apparel. Aside from a shortened bill in the 1970s, the design and style of baseball caps hasn’t changed much since then, and they’re worn by players of every sport, and by everyone else as […]

promotional products from elevate

Taking Your Swag to Town- The Best Promotional Items for Tradeshows

When choosing swag to hand out at your tradeshow booth, you should have two goals in mind; attract people to your booth so they can get to know you, and keep them thinking about you after the tradeshow ends. Having great swag can make you a hot spot at any tradeshow, and having the best […]

Gift box

Avoiding Bad Swag

When choosing promotional items, it’s important that you keep your company’s goal and image in mind. The gifts you give to customers and employees reflect on the value of your brand, and you don’t want to send the wrong message. There’s no point in wasting your marketing budget on swag that customers don’t want. No […]

Business people talking around a table

Using Promotional Items as an Incentive

Whether you’re trying to motivate a sales crew or encourage customers to buy, offering promotional items as an incentive is a great way to get the ball rolling. Promotional items, from t-shirts and tote bags to a full blown vacation, draw the attention of the recipient, and help you to accomplish your goals. Oftentimes, promotional […]

A man and a woman shaking hands and exchanging a business card.

Business Cards in a Global Market

The ease of technology has made it possible for even the smallest business owners to do business across international borders, and makes it so that dealing with foreign cultures at work is a commonplace thing. Businesses that are savvy about the other cultures they’re dealing with are going to be more successful in a global […]

Woman holding blank business card

The Evolution of Business Cards

Using a little 2” x 3.5” card to share your contact information with others is not a modern idea, although the uses and look of business cards have changed over the centuries. Even with all the changes that have been made with regards to style and technology, business cards still serve the same basic form […]

Polo shirts custom made for promotional product

The Polo You Know, the Polo You Don’t Know

It’s slimming without being feminine. It’s casual without being inappropriate. It’s stylish but comfortable. It is “the polo.” What we know today as the polo shirt – short sleeves, soft fold over collar, buttoned placket at the throat, and pique knit cotton fabric – started as athletic apparel. It has since become a standard shirt […]