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T-Shirts and Tribes

Tribes have existed as long as humanity itself. Anciently, people would band together in a common quest for survival and safety. Now, we band together for different reasons. New Marketing Favors Small Business With the rise of the digital age, we’re coming to understand tribes in a whole new way. Seth Godin pointed out that […]

target market

Advertising to Your Target Market

Having a target market is essential in marketing; not only does it inform your marketing strategy significantly, but it also maximizes your marketing efforts. Of course, you can truly only maximize your marketing efforts if you are marketing to the right people—those who would see your ad and consider investing in your product or service. […]

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The Power of Tangible Marketing

When we look at the world of marketing today, we tend to think more and more about the digital side of marketing—SEO, social media marketing, online ad space, video ads, etc. Yet tangible marketing, through print ads, brochures, catalogs, promotional products, and more, remains strong. Here is a look at the power behind tangible marketing […]

How to Make the Most of Promotional Refreshments

With the summer season approaching, people are going to start donning their summer clothes and heading outside for a whole host of different activities. You know what all of those people have in common? They’re sure to be thirsty. This is what makes promotional refreshments such a powerful tool to reach out to consumers. Although […]

Best Clothing to Brand for the Summer

Summertime is about upon us, and that means a whole assortment of summer activities are, as well! During this time which everyone is outside and enjoying the weather, there is also plenty of opportunities to host events that draw large crowds of people, which makes it very easy to spread any promotional products you have […]

Tips for Exhibiting at a Trade Show

Doing event marketing is a way to get your business on people’s minds by going to the front lines. While there may be all sorts of fancy digital ways to market your company, nowadays, one of the most effective is still being face-to-face with the people you want to do business with. However, event marketing […]

Marketing Methods for Better ROI

There are so many ways to advertise and market for your business, nowadays. It can be incredibly easy to get lost in the white noise of directions that aren’t actually contributing much value to your marketing. However, there are certain methods that can be employed, whether in physical or digital promotion, that will earn a […]

How Much Is Too Much Branding?

Branding a business, properly, is an incredibly important step to making your company stand out from the competition. It is an element of growing a business that cannot be overlooked. However, there are times when the large amount of branding you are engaged in can be too much. We call this process “over-branding.” Branding is […]

Does Product Placement Work?

Product placement, we’ve all seen it before. When we are watching one of our favorite movies or TV shows, and the character takes a moment to sip an ice cold coca-cola before carrying on with the scene. Product placement has a history of major successes. For example, the sales of Reese’s Pieces increased by 65% […]

Did Somebody Say Free?

Using the “Free” Mentality to Market Your Business

We are a sucker for free things.  For example, when a new Chick-fil-A opens, they offer a year’s supply of Chick-fil-A to the first 100 customers for free.  People wait in line, and even camp out for days to be one of the first 100 people in the restaurant.  At a trade show, people will […]