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Applying “The Golden Circle” in Your Marketing

In a 2012 TEDx talk titled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek illustrated a marketing principle that has drawn widespread attention all over the marketing world. He calls it “the golden circle,” or “start with why.” Sinek’s theory boils down to this: while many companies tend to market themselves starting […]

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Decisions Come from the Gut

Michael Lewis’ book Moneyball examined how one man turned the Oakland A’s from second-stringers into a top-tier team, simply by using data. The reason that this book was so astounding was that it pointed out a fallacy in human thinking. Even when we think that we’re making logical, rational decisions, we actually usually go with […]

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Make the Most of Your Band’s Merch Table

The second encore may be over, but your true fans still aren’t quite ready to leave. They want to linger a little bit. Some will chat with the friends who came to the show together. Others will re-hash all the details of the show with their best friend. But most will meander over to your […]

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3 Tips for Building Authentic Connections

Our modern world is becoming increasingly impersonal. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by technology, bureaucracy, and political correctness, it’s nice to know one thing: you’re not the only one who craves authentic connection. Although easy efficiency, lower prices, and more mobility are all wonderful advantages of the digital era, they’re no longer enough to […]

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The Brand-Building Plight

Earlier this month we discussed a Zappos.com blog post from 2010 titled “Your Culture Is Your Brand.” (You can find our blog post about it here.) In addition to pointing out how strengthening your company culture can seriously strengthen your brand, the Zappos.com blog post made some interesting points about how building a company brand […]

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Dissecting “Your Culture Is Your Brand”

If you consider yourself a marketing aficionado, you may very well have heard the phrase “your culture is your brand.” Search the phrase on Google, for example, and just about every article that shows up in your search results will have exactly that as its title. But what does this phrase mean, exactly? “Culture” defined […]