3 Advertising Lessons from Fruit of the Loom’s “Professionals Collection”

Fruit of the Loom’s newest marketing campaign reinforces the likeable humor that has long defined the brand.

Featuring a line of limited-edition sweat suits, this commercial uses exaggerated fashion shots of Fruit of the Loom’s new business wear: sweat suits printed to imitate the look of expensive, tailored business wear. As the commercial pokes fun at both sweat-suit-wearers and business-suit wearers alike, models preen in slo-mo.

Perhaps the best part of it is the landing page, where the “chief comfort officer” uniform is actually just a regular pair of sweats. The ads hint at the idea that while everyone is slaving away in the rat race, trying to get ahead with a carefully chosen uniform, those who are really on top are the ones with the time and leisure to wear whatever they want… to focus on comfort: the truest luxury. And of course, if I was free to truly wear whatever I wanted… it’d probably be a pair of sweats.

  1. Business’s “dress to impress” image is fading – Young tech execs like Mark Zuckerburg are leading the charge for a different business suit, showing us that success doesn’t have to be buttoned up with a tie right under the chin. Although first impressions matter, it doesn’t always determine who the most competent person in a room is. We’re entering a new generation of business leaders, a generation that doesn’t care so much for the rigid corporate structure that dictated the movers and shakers of the last century. And we’re not just talking about clothes, here! This carries through to every level of image.
  2. It’s okay to poke fun at yourself. And follow through with it! People love joining in on the joke, which is why their actual collection is totally sold out. One of the most essential assets of a business in our modern marketing environment is a definitive voice and personality, and nothing portrays that more effectively than humor.
  3. Great content happens when two disparate things meet. That’s the definition of irony, in fact, giving your audience two things that they wouldn’t think should go together, make something unexpected… like a brand that’s famous for comfort-wear coming out with a line of business wear. It’s the kind of thing that makes you stand up and take notice, even if it is more in the range of an April Fool’s Joke. The contrast actually drives home and reinforces your main point: oh yeah, this brand is all about comfort. If only I could achieve that feeling in a business meeting.

Here at Elevate Promo, Fruit of the Loom is just one brand that we feature, and are able to customize according to your order. We use only the highest quality printing techniques and apparel… all to make you look good. And in the case of Fruit of the Loom, it certainly makes you feel good, too.

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