5 Effective Ways to Use Promotional Products in Your Business

You’re out there. Your business is growing, you’ve put together a top-notch staff, and, generally, life is good. The issue: how will anybody know? When it’s time to take your business to the world, promo products are the way to go.

Promo products can give your business a boost in various ways, each incredibly effective and often less pricey than other forms of advertising. Below are a few of the best ways you can use promo products to build your brand.

  1. Bring out the swag for company-sponsored events

Think about this scenario: you’ve put together a golf tournament. Your biggest clients are invited and attending. What brings them together once they’ve hit the links?

Here’s a tip: everybody likes a hat.

Another tip: you’ll be hard-pressed to find anybody who doesn’t want a golf polo.

Rolling out some promo products accomplishes a number of objectives:

  1. First, it allows your clients to take your name back to work with them. Who knows? One of your branded products may end up on a client’s desk. This keeps you in their minds, and may even help your brand gain the attention of potential new clients.

  2. Next, using promo products at company-sponsored events presents you with a great PR opportunity. Take some pictures and videos at your events. Splash them all over social media, email blasts, and even a blog post. Build your reputation.

  3. Finally, giving your clients promo products builds up a tribe of sorts. When you feel connected to your clients, they feel connected to you, and they associate with other clients who feel the same way, you up your status in their eyes.
  1. Give away items at trade shows

Think about the last trade show or convention you went to. How many companies did you see? How many business cards did you stick in your wallet? Now, how many of those companies do you remember?

Companies will be more likely to remember you if you have something more tangible than a business card or a pen to offer them.

As you network, send clients and potential clients home with promo products. A flashlight, water bottle, backpack, or even a shirt will stick around far longer than a killer pamphlet (no disrespect to pamphlets intended).

  1. Give promo products to your employees

Your employees represent you whenever they’re on the clock, and often, even after they’ve clocked out. Giving them high-quality promo products that are likely to become integrated into your employees’ lives builds your brand and can improve loyalty in your office.

You’ve hand-picked a great staff. Reward them while at the same time organically getting your brand in front of the eyes of whomever associates with your employees. On top of that, your promo products can become a calling card of sorts for your business. If your employees are out making sales calls in your gear, your sterling reputation will come to mind every time a potential client sees your logo.

  1. Set up a shop online

Your business puts out a great product. Don’t be surprised if people want to associate with it. Put together some promo products and make them available for purchase on your website. There’s not much to lose, here. It’s hard to think of another scenario in which people are paying you money to advertise your business.

Put all of your design team’s effort to good work. Throw your branding on whatever you can sell and get to work. If you’ve established a good reputation and a reputable brand, don’t be surprised if your customers and partners are excited to associate themselves with you.

  1. Give promo products to customers—just for kicks

Who says there needs to be a special occasion to hook your customers up with free stuff? There are only so many events to meet up with customers; why not drop by and leave behind something for them to remember you by?

Customer appreciation cannot be overlooked as you build your business. Provide them with high-quality promo products that will make their lives a bit better, and they’ll remember you, first, for the quality service you provide, second, for the great products you leave with them, and third, because your logo is all over said products. It’s a win all around.

At Elevate Promo, you’ll find just about anything you could hope for. From shirts to hats, to water bottles and office items, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, we’ll work with you one-on-one to make sure what we offer you perfectly fits what you need. Let’s start working together today.

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