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6 Great Promotion Ideas for LulaRoe Reps

Social media opens up amazing new opportunities for multi-level-marketing business models. That’s probably why we’re seeing an unprecedented influx of businesses working off of a similar structure as Mary Kay; ground-level consultants offering premium products while working from out of their own homes.

One of the most popular MLM businesses in the last five years has been LulaRoe, a comfort-driven clothing boutique. Because most LulaRoe representatives don’t have a background in marketing and sales, they often find themselves at a loss for how to turn a significant profit. Here are some ideas that can help you get the most out of your efforts. (We’re specifically talking about LulaRoe here, but remember that the same ideas can work for LipSense, JamBerry Nails, and Younique, or any other business working off the same model.)

First Off, Brand!

You might be a little taken aback by this initial advice. After all, LulaRoe already has a brand. They have their logo, and their promotional materials that you can use as a consultant. Often, it’s already a name that people know and recognize.

However, this isn’t just about selling LulaRoe. It’s about selling you as a representative. You will be competing with other consultants in some cases. So, brainstorm ways that you can set yourself apart from others. It’s important that people understand what kinds of products you offer. What’s in your inventory? What are your personal choices for fashion? Consider what you offer that others can’t or don’t. What’s unique about you? Go above and beyond. Let yourself be known for reliable delivery, quality guarantees, excellent fashion advice, or memorable events. Perhaps your pictures stand out, or you have patterns and designs that others don’t.

Lastly, let people get to know you. Often, the biggest thing that will set you apart is a personal connection.

Great Promotional Ideas

  1. Always keep business cards with you. Wear your gear when you go out and about and give people cards. This is a great way to sell without pressure. Instead, you’re just ready with answers if someone else expresses interest. We offer great options for business cards and promotional materials.
  2. Take great photos. In a business where others have a homemade approach, you can set yourself apart.
  3. Offer samples. It might seem like a big expense at first, but if you give them to the right people, you’ll get a pretty quick return on your investment.
  4. Go to public events like farmer’s markets and craft fairs, where you’re guaranteed a good amount of foot traffic.
  5. Have materials for a pop-up store. This will probably include branded signs and/or a banner, as well as mirrors, racks, and perhaps a dress form.
  6. Coordinate with other consultants. If you all have different inventory and different customer bases, then you can both benefit from a little cooperation.


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