A Sneak Peek at our Secret Sauce

Where It All Starts

Let’s take you back to the Elevate Promo kitchen to give you a glimpse of where the magic happens.

As one of the leaders in custom Utah Promo Products for businesses of all sizes, there is a method to our madness — a secret to our sauce. As with most secret sauce recipes there are a number of special ingredients that go into making it remarkable.

So, let’s break it down:

Our first ingredient for being a Utah Promo Products leader is our state of the art tools and tactics. We do a high number of quality screen printings and custom embroidery every day.

We use nothing less than the finest tools and we train our employees to use proper technique so that we’re delivering the best product possible.

Second, we sprinkle a little bit of storytelling into the mix. A huge part of our job includes helping businesses tell their stories.

We create custom marketing campaigns leveraging our years of experience with promotional products, print, design and brand experiences that promote businesses — their products AND service.

Our team understand the importance of telling a story and we believe SWAG is an unique way of doing so.

Third, we mix a healthy dose of hard work with fun and world class customer service. We’re eager to get the job done and we’ll do it with a smile on our faces.

Our team doesn’t believe in cutting corners — we do our best to ensure your promo products come out looking fresh. We also believe that hard work is wasted without courtesy to the customer. We hope each one of our interactions will leave you satisfied and wanting to return for more business.

Fourth, our last and most important ingredient for being a Utah’s Promo Products leader is we like to celebrate.

We pride ourselves in our service and strive to go out of our way to help. The only other thing we do better is we know how to throw an event! We hold multiple events throughout the year to celebrate with our clients their brands and to thank them for allowing us to do what we love the most…tell their brand stories through promo, print, and design.

This is the ingredient that helps all of the other ones mix so well together.

Sit Back, Relax, and Enjoy the Excitement of Elevate

So there you have it. These are our main ingredients to our secret sauce — what makes Elevate, Elevate! Now that you know what goes into our recipe we hope you’ll come on by and have a taste.

By combining state of the art tools and tactics with some sweet storytelling, add a mix of hard work and friendliness and top it off with employee recognition, we’ll prepare you for the best experience and products out there.

We’re going to get you what you need and more, and we’ll help you enjoy your experience. We’re eager to partner with you to elevate your brand.

There’s really no point in waiting any longer. If you need custom designed gear we can help. Come on over to Elevate Promo and let us show you what your options are. We’re friendly and professional and we’ve been doing this for years.


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