Adding Athletic Shirts to Your Swag Lineup

T-shirts are your customers’ favorite swag item, and you can up your game even more by offering athletic shirts as promo items. Athletic clothing is big business these days, and nearly everyone has a drawer or two set aside for these items. You can earn a space in that drawer, and on the backs of your clients as they exercise, by giving away high quality athletic shirts for free, or by offering them for a reasonable price in your online swag store.

Making Your Athletes Comfortable

The days of hitting the elliptical in a cotton t-shirt are a thing of the past. New materials with breathable, moisture wicking technology are much more comfortable to sweat in. These options for swag might cost you a little more than traditional cotton crew-necks, but they’ll get a lot more wear by your customers. Choose a more fitted cut for athletic shirts as well, since athletic clothes are all about comfort. An attractive style is important too, but even the nicest looking shirt won’t make the workout cut if it doesn’t wear well.

Go With a Brand Name

A sure-fire way to get your athletic swag flying off the shelves is to go with a brand name like Nike or Adidas for your shirts. By doing this, you lend the credibility of these top-name athletic brands to your own brand, adding to your own credibility and desirability. Having people associate that little Nike Swoosh with your own logo is a good thing, and will instantly increase your perceived status. It also lets your customers know that you appreciate them enough to offer them a high quality item.

Showing Your Support for Your Community

When you offer athletic shirts as part of your swag lineup, your customers are going to take them out and use them at various community events like 5ks and fun runs. This is going to get your name out there as a company that supports health and fitness, and that supports the community at large. You can take it to the next level by sponsoring community events, setting up a booth there, and handing out your athletic swag to participants. You can couple your athletic shirts with water bottles and pedometers featuring your logo to increase your impact, and to get your name out in the community.


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