Are Your Promotional Products Adding Value?

Have you ever been handed a flier as you walk through a crowded city street? How often do you actually look at it? How well do you remember what that flier is for? Have you ever followed up on it? It’s possible that you did once, when it had a great coupon attached, or back when you were young and impressionable. However, once you become saturated with papers, you really couldn’t care less what one more says. In fact, it’s worse than useless; it’s an annoyance.

Well, as much as we like to think that promotional materials with our brand on them are much more valuable than that flier, it’s not always the case. In fact, if you pick the wrong item, you might find yourself at the end of a business conference looking down into a trashcan full of your carefully-branded doodads.

Instead, make sure that your branded swag is actually adding value, which means that people will hold onto it for longer, use it personally, and therefore continually associate your brand with something positive instead of negative.

Be Unique

We all know that the value of anything is determined by a relationship between supply and demand. Even if something is in high demand, it can become less valuable if there’s also a high volume of supply. So, if you are giving out tissues with your number on it, and so are 20 other businesses around you, the helpful product will soon become a burden. No one has that bad of a runny nose!

If you’re not jostling with other brands for attention, there will probably be more leeway in the uniqueness of your product. However, if you’re at a trade show or something, then you need to make sure that your offering will be unique and noteworthy.

Get High-Quality

One time I got a free frisbee from a parade. I think that it had the name of a local dentist on it. I was pretty excited about the frisbee. However, the first time I put it to work, I realized that that poor disc couldn’t fly through the air no matter how skilled the hand sending it spinning. That frisbee quickly went into the trash, and left me with a bad taste in my mouth.

Always opt for high-quality materials. People will hold onto the item for longer, and they’ll also associate your brand with positive feelings.

Make it Situation-Appropriate

Say you’re standing around a Christmas tree during a lighting ceremony. You’re probably feelings pretty chilly as the daylight disappears and everyone waits in anticipation for someone to switch on the strings of lights. If someone handed you a smoothie in that moment – a delicious smoothie, with all your favorite flavors – would you eat it?

Probably not! No one wants an icy refreshing beverage when they’re more interested in getting warm and cozy. However, a cup of hot chocolate would be very welcome.

Think thoroughly about where people will be when they get the items that you share. For example, you might want to share sweaters at an evening outdoor concert, water bottles at a race, or nice earbuds at a techy conference. For more ideas, browse our inventory here.

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