Avoiding Bad Swag

Gift boxWhen choosing promotional items, it’s important that you keep your company’s goal and image in mind. The gifts you give to customers and employees reflect on the value of your brand, and you don’t want to send the wrong message.

There’s no point in wasting your marketing budget on swag that customers don’t want. No swag is better than bad swag, because you don’t want items floating around the community that are damaging your image. Let’s take a look at some common swag pitfalls, and how to fix them.

Clutter Concerns

Promotional items that serve no purpose are very likely to end up in the garbage can. A paperweight is probably going to occupy a spot on someone’s desk for about 48 hours until it’s pushed aside to make room for something functional. If you want your swag to get noticed on a long-term basis, choose items that will be useful to the recipient.

For example, cell phone covers are great promotional items. They’re something nearly everyone is going to need but not necessarily want to spend the money on. If your company offers a tasteful, practical cell phone cover, it’ll be carried around everywhere.

In a practically paperless world, a paperweight is outdated. Instead, why not try handing out desk speakers or USB hubs? These are much more relevant to the current businessman and more likely to be used.

Throw-Away Items

Your swag isn’t going to be the only swag brought into your customer’s home, and you want to ensure your items make the cut when held up against others. Choosing high-quality, unique items will give you a better chance in the keep or toss ring. For instance, a regular Bic pen with your logo printed on it isn’t going to stand much of a chance against a higher quality ink pen with a rubber grip.

When your customers reach for an item they need, you want them to choose the one with your name on it every time. Keep that in mind when choosing promotional items, and go with options that have a little more to offer. This kind of swag may cost a little more per unit, but it’s worth the money when you consider the alternatives will probably find their way to the garbage can pretty quickly.

Out in Left Field

Your swag should be a reflection of your business, and you should maximize the opportunity to send a message with it. Some business owners make the mistake of choosing promotional items that are inappropriate for the demographic their business attracts.

If you’re in the electronics business, mini notebooks with your logo on them might not hold much appeal for your customer base, who are more tech savvy. Choose items that complement your business, are useful, and will make a lasting impression on the recipient.

One thought on “Avoiding Bad Swag

  1. “No swag is better than bad swag.” So true! If you just buy cheap trinkets you’ll be known as a company that gives out cheap trinkets! Nobody wants to be that company.

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