Backdrop Tips for Corporate Booths

One of the best ways to market your business is to attend marketing events where you can mingle with the general public. Between tradeshows and other corporate events, you’ll probably be setting up your booth several times a year. You can have maximum impact at these events if your booth is sporting an effective background that lures in guests, and keeps them interested.

Something Simple

Your booth can be a quick thing to put up and take down if you keep things simple. You don’t have to stick with the card table/draperies combination to keep things easy though. Having a custom printed banner that features your logo, and even some of your most popular products can dress up your booth with just a few seconds of extra effort. Signage is also an important aspect of booth design, because it will let people know who you are and give them the basic information they’re looking for. Having a couple of banners and some professional signage ready to go makes a quick setup at any event.

Step it Up

If you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd, your booth backdrop has endless opportunities for creativity. If you’re representing a boutique or other retail shop, consider setting up a full sized window display as your booth backdrop. Include lighting to draw additional attention. Building a 3-sided backdrop to create the illusion of a showroom is a great way to draw people in. Large, custom printed banners can be hung on frames to serve as the “walls.” Hang custom printed images of your own products and artwork on the walls, and create a space where people can come in and sit down. This will get people to spend a significant amount of time in your booth, where they can really focus on your product.

Finishing Touches

Choosing just a couple of unique finishing touches for your booth backdrop will really kick up your style. Adding a section of mirrors to your backdrop is a great way to get people to stop, and everyone likes to take a peek at their own reflection. Putting a bright rug or carpet on the floor of your booth gives it a finished, professional look, and ties everything together. If you’re going for the showroom look, using window treatments to make faux windows on the walls takes passersby out of the tradeshow environment and right into your own place of business.


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