Best Clothing to Brand for the Summer

A girl in summer clothes enjoys the sunlight.Summertime is about upon us, and that means a whole assortment of summer activities are, as well! During this time which everyone is outside and enjoying the weather, there is also plenty of opportunities to host events that draw large crowds of people, which makes it very easy to spread any promotional products you have around to consumers. Putting promotional products in the hands of people who will use them, due to the season, is guaranteed to win you a place in their hearts. In this spirit, let’s take a look at some of the best summer clothing to put your brand on…




Although there are many great things about summer weather, one aspect of it that can bare down on you is the brightness of the sun. When our eyes are trying to adjust to a setting that is too bright, it can cause mental problems like headaches and migraines, as well as affect our ability to see well. Because of this, sunglasses are a promotional item that many people like, and are sure to use day-after-day. Attaching your brand to sunglasses is a great way to put your brand in the light, while keeping people’s eyes out of it.


Light T-shirts


T-shirts are the bread and butter of lots of branded clothing. Everybody wears them, which gives them a universal appeal that is hard to match.  T-shirts are also quintessential summer apparel, due to the light fabric that they are made of. Putting your brand on a light-colored t-shirt gives you a crisp and refreshing image that is as gentle as a summer breeze, and gives you a platform to play a lot with graphics to entice consumers.


Life jackets


This is an option that should be used wisely, as it can get expensive, quickly. Life jackets are a perfect giveaway at luxury events for possible clients, as they are a tool that gets used frequently in this season, especially during vacations which are full of happy people. Attaching your brand to something that is literally keeping consumers afloat and alive puts you in a good image.




This is another one of the most classic promotional items that get used. A hat the allows a person’s head to breathe has many benefits. A good hat has the potential to keep direct sunlight out of people’s faces and eyes, which cools off the entire body and prevents things like heat strokes.


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