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What Is Brand Equity?

Earlier this month we discussed the difference between brand and identity—with brand essentially being the relationship that a company has earned with its audience over time. But what about brand equity? Here is a look at the meaning of brand equity and why brand equity is such an advantageous thing for a company to have.

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Brand vs. Identity—What’s the Difference?

Brand and identity both play an essential role in your overall marketing strategy, and they each have their own particular application in the world of marketing. Yet while “brand” and “identity” mean two different things, the two terms are often used interchangeably. So what’s the deal? Here is a look at the difference between brand […]

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Social Media Marketing beyond Facebook: 2 Case Studies

As you generate a social media marketing strategy to coincide with your print marketing and promotional product marketing strategies, it’s always good to revisit the world of social media and assess what you could be doing differently. Particularly interesting as of late has been the rise of Snapchat and Tinder as go-to social media apps […]

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How Effective Are Promotional Products?

Company branded promotional products are an excellent addition to just about any marketing campaign, but how can you measure just how effective your promotional products are? How do you know if the promotional products you get for your company are making a difference? In an effort to answer this question, here is a brief look […]

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2015 in Review: Memorable Marketing Hashtags

Earlier this month we took a look at three majorly viral video ads to hit the web in 2015; now, here is a look at a few of 2015’s most successful marketing campaign hashtags.

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2015 in Review: Viral Video Ads

At the beginning of a new year, it’s always intriguing to see which video ads spoke to public the most throughout the preceding year. Here is a look at three video ads that struck a significant chord with the public as they were shared on social media outlets literally millions of times. They’re not necessarily […]

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What Makes a Great Viral Marketing Campaign

Viral marketing campaigns are in no way random. However, they must attempt, in some strange way, to seem that way. That is the essence of how a viral marketing campaign must take off. The reality, however, is that they are as rigorously thought out and carefully planned as any other advertising campaign. You don’t just […]

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Swag Items People Use Everyday

A great kind of swag is the kind that people use on a daily basis. While some promo items might be awesome and unique, those very same items may end up in a box in the attic, simply because there isn’t any use for them. That doesn’t do you, or your customers, any good. When […]

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Physical vs. Digital Advertising

Keep in mind, with each of these examples, that the most important aspect of advertising is the quality of the materials and how they connect with the audience. This article is just about looking at the specific correlations between the physical and digital aspect, with everything else considered equal. In the world of advertising, almost […]

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Ways to Make a Great Company Culture

The culture of a workplace is one of the most important factors to a company’s productivity and survival. A proper workplace culture unites a company into something greater than the sum of its parts, where the value of the work being done increases. This is why struggling to create a great company culture is absolutely […]