Branded Gear for Christmas

It’s Christmas season, and that means it’s time to show your appreciation to the people that matter to you. Although it might feel strange at first to include your employees in that list, the truth is that you spend more time with them than just about anyone else! And if you’re an employer, you know that it’s important to show your employees that you’re grateful for the chance to work with them every day.

Branded gear is the perfect way to give your employees something special. It creates unity because it gives them yet another reason to be proud of the place they work. Christmas bonuses are still expected, but a special gift is much more personal and gives you that Christmas-gift feeling. After all, we all know the difference between receiving an iTunes gift card, as opposed to a hand-selected gift, right?

Some Ideas for Perfect Christmas Gifts

  • Blankets, pillows, or night robes with your logo. With winter here, everyone could use more snuggle wear.
  • Bluetooth speakers. What was completely unnecessary 5 years ago is now the best possible way to access all your favorite tunes. A bluetooth speaker allows your employees to broadcast from their phone, computer, or iPod.
  • Drinkware. Everyone needs a water bottle or cup at the office anyway, in order to keep hydrated. Brand some water bottles or cups with your logo, or you could go another level and make the graphic specific to a party, a special event over the last year, or an office joke.
  • Notebooks and journals. Everyone you meet is just bursting with good ideas. But the difference between those ideas thriving or not often depends on how well they’re remembered and developed. Put your faith in your employees’ creativity by giving them a beautiful home for their ideas.
  • Earphones/headphones. More and more, people are plugged into their computers for the workday. While there are times for mingling and discussing, there’s also a lot of need for people to be able to focus and block out ambient noise. Acknowledge that by giving everyone earphones that will help them focus in on their workload.
  • Charger pack. One of the most common stressors of our modern age is a dead battery on your phone. Your employees can give their devices an extra boost with these handy portable chargers.
  • Tree ornaments. Charming holiday ornaments can act as a fun, seasonable memento for your employees in years to come.
  • iPad covers. More and more workers are relying on notepads to get work done and communicate with clients and coworkers. Create a distinctive cover that will protect their work and their expensive devices.

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