choosing a t-shirt neckline

Swag Wars: Crew Neck vs. V-Neck Tees

Here’s what you already know about using t-shirts as a promo item for your business: You know they’re the most popular swag item among customers. You know that successfully getting customers to wear your t-shirts increases your brand value in your community. You know you need to order a high quality tee in a flattering […]

Polo shirts custom made for promotional product

The Polo You Know, the Polo You Don’t Know

It’s slimming without being feminine. It’s casual without being inappropriate. It’s stylish but comfortable. It is “the polo.” What we know today as the polo shirt – short sleeves, soft fold over collar, buttoned placket at the throat, and pique knit cotton fabric – started as athletic apparel. It has since become a standard shirt […]

Inner Office College Football Fans

Here is the story of when you have two rival die hard college football fans!  They work great together for 364 days, but for 1 day all the rules are out.  However you have to admit the two puff embroidered hats  look good…real good!

Elevate Your Brand!

Picking The Perfect Shirt: Part 1

One shirt is as good as another, right?  That isn’t exactly true.  Don’t we all have our favorite shirt that seems to fit better, feel softer, and hang nicer?  So which will be the perfect shirt for your event? There are so many options to choose from…let’s get started. Most importantly, you want to look […]