Does Product Placement Work?

Product placement, we’ve all seen it before. When we are watching one of our favorite movies or TV shows, and the character takes a moment to sip an ice cold coca-cola before carrying on with the scene. Product placement has a history of major successes. For example, the sales of Reese’s Pieces increased by 65% […]

Friends Watching Football Celebrating a Touchdown

The Cost to Run a Super Bowl Ad

Last month, the Super Bowl ads aired once again.  Every year, half of all Super Bowl watchers tune in solely to watch the ads that inspire, confuse, and terrify (some even do all three, like Puppy, Monkey Baby.  What was that?)  Crowd favorites this year were the Hyundai First Date commercial, the Heinz Weiner Stampede, […]

Little Photographer

Picture This: The Visual Society

We live in a visual society.  Even some of the first evidence of human existence is in the form of pictures— 42,000-year-old paintings of seals.  It’s no wonder that we use the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” However, a picture is actually worth about 60,000 words.  The brain processes images 60,000 times […]

trade show

A Brief History of Trade Shows

The trade show: a grand exhibition where companies of a certain industry come together and showcase their latest products and services, taking note of the industry’s latest advances and market trends. Trade shows are places where companies can learn from their competitors, catch the eye of seasoned professionals in the industry, and map out opportunities […]

milk mustache

Marketing Lessons Learned from the Got Milk? Campaign

Surely an advertising campaign that has its own Wikipedia page has a thing or two to say about marketing. The highly influential Got Milk? campaign, which last year ended its 20-year reign in magazines and on television, is perhaps one of the most well-known advertising campaigns in American history. It began in 1993 with the […]

The Best Swag in Oscar Gift Bags

Every year, swag bags of monumental proportions are handed out to stars at the Academy Awards and they’ve become the stuff of legend. No expense is spared and the 2014 Oscar swag bags were worth about $85,000. For that much money, you expect something fantastic and the Oscar swag bags don’t disappoint. What do they […]

A man and a woman shaking hands and exchanging a business card.

Business Cards in a Global Market

The ease of technology has made it possible for even the smallest business owners to do business across international borders, and makes it so that dealing with foreign cultures at work is a commonplace thing. Businesses that are savvy about the other cultures they’re dealing with are going to be more successful in a global […]

Woman holding blank business card

The Evolution of Business Cards

Using a little 2” x 3.5” card to share your contact information with others is not a modern idea, although the uses and look of business cards have changed over the centuries. Even with all the changes that have been made with regards to style and technology, business cards still serve the same basic form […]