Choosing a Logo Color Scheme

Logo design is an important component of your business, since the logo you choose is going to be defining you in so many ways. As the face of your brand, your logo will be featured on your stationery, your swag, around the office, and more. If you design your logo the right way, your community will come to associate that visual image with your company, giving them an instant sense of who you are. The colors you choose for your company logo will have a big impact on the message you’re sending about your brand.

Speaking Your Mind

The colors you choose for your logo will give your brand personality, and tell a visual story to the community. Cooler colors like blues and greens work well for companies offering financial services or other administrative products. Cool colors impart a feeling of sophistication and trust. For those in the entertainment business, the warmer shades of red, orange, and yellow tell people that you know a thing or two about having a good time. The subconscious messaging of color is actually very powerful, and will lend an instant sense of direction to your brand.

Backing Your Brand

Your logo design is so important because it will become a visual representation of your brand. The idea of branding is about more than just a visual logo, it’s also about the company behind the brand. When people view your logo, they will be thinking about the personality of your company, whether they find you trustworthy or not, and what their expectations of your services are. When designing a logo to back your brand, you’re trying to fill two qualifications. One is to make a logo that is easily recognizable and catchy enough that it will generate widespread awareness of your brand. The other is to design a logo that is properly describes the values and personality of your brand.

Less is More

With the exception of a very few companies (Google, eBay), having a limited color scheme in your logos makes a stronger statement. When you think of the most universally recognizable logos in the world, like Coca Cola or Starbucks, they use a logo containing only one or two colors that convey the feeling they’re after. Keeping your logo simple makes it easier for the brain to process instantly, which also boosts its recognition. When it comes time to take your logo to the screen printer, one containing only one or two colors will be less expensive to print, and will come out looking cleaner and more professional in the final product.


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