Company Promo Product Ideas That Scream Luxury

Promotional products are supposed to be a representation of your company. Not only are you having an opportunity to put your brand in front of some eyeballs, but you have an opportunity to create an association that people are going to have with your brand. For example, if you want to appeal to a crowd that typically cares a lot about fitness, then it makes sense to offer lots of fitness-based promo products. This type of promotional awareness rarely as important than for a consumer base that cares a lot about luxury, as cheaper promotional products will be a major turn off. Here are some promo product ideas if you want your company to be associated with luxury…

Leather folders

Two important aspects to consider about every type of promotional product are what the utility of this product is to your audience, and what type of material is this product going to be made out of. In the case of a professional audience that is going to be looking for more luxurious products, leather folders make sense, as they are frequently used in a business environment, and are made out of a material that fits within a high-class business aesthetic.


Just like leather folders, briefcases are frequently going to be used by professionals in the business world, and are somewhat of a necessity for those who attend meetings and travel for work, frequently. Because of this, putting your brand on a well-made briefcase firmly establishes your brand as something that belongs in that type of environment, which is probably the image you want to make for yourself.

Golf bags

When you’re aiming for people who care about luxury, you don’t just want to be associated with work, but also with play. For business folks, golf is a common pastime that is shared by professionals all over the world. Because of this, using your brand for promo products that are going to be used on the green is a good way to associate yourself with this pleasurable game. We find that well-made golf bags are a good bet to do this, as they are simple to brand and are always needed.

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