Are You Taking a Casual Approach to Marketing?

Are you taking a casual approach to your marketing? Maybe your brand has all the standard social media platforms, for example, but you aren’t using those platforms to their full potential in order to engage your followers. Or, maybe you have a customer service policy set in place, only to fall short in really taking care of your customers. Many brands take a casual approach to marketing. It’s the memorable brands who take a proactive approach and who constantly evolve their marketing strategies in order to spark a following. Here is a brief look at the dangers of casual approach to marketing that you should avoid—and how a proactive approach to marketing can help you overcome these dangers.

Your customers don’t feel taken care of.

Maybe you have a customer service email address or phone number posted on your website. But how is your customer service beyond that? If you take a casual approach to customer service, your customer service specialist might respond to queries only when they can get around to it, enforcing a one-size-fits-all customer service policy that doesn’t really meet the needs of the customers. If you’re a company who takes a proactive approach to customer service, meanwhile, you put the customer first. You strive to create experiences that your customers will remember and that will leave them feeling glad that they did business with you.

You’re lacking in social media engagement.

It’s one thing to have all the standard social media platforms for your brand. It’s another thing entirely to stimulate engagement on those social media platforms. When you take a casual approach to social media marketing, you rob your brand of the opportunity to spark movements and engage with potential customers on social media. When you take a proactive approach, meanwhile, you open up endless opportunities to connect with other people and attract consumers to your brand.

You keep feeling pressured to lower your prices.

The easiest way to attract people to your brand is to lower your prices. There are definitely scenarios where showcasing a low price can be part of a strong over marketing strategy, but in general, lowering prices falls under the realm of a casual approach to marketing. A more proactive approach involves teaching consumers about the value of your product or service, making them believe that an investment in your brand is worth whatever added costs may be involved.

You aren’t exceeding expectations.

If you take a casual approach to marketing, then you’re never going to exceed expectations. The best you can do is simply exist as a brand, continuing to do what everyone expects you to do and never pushing the envelope.

A proactive approach to marketing is never the easier or more casual option, but it’s well worth it when you consider the invaluable benefits it will lend to your brand.

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