Whether you are attending a trade show, have a brick and mortar location or attempting to create a billboard, it is imperative that your signage is professional, informative, and pleasing to the eye.  Customers are more likely to give business to a company that has quality signage, over a company that looks like it just started up.  Your signs are the first thing that customers see, so make sure that they set the right tone.

It is easy to fall into the trap of “cheap” and sacrifice quality for a dollar figure.  When you are designing, printing, and hanging your signs, make sure that they are built to last.  Customers will associate your brand with “cheap” if they see your signage falling apart at the seams, so to speak.  Be honest, which hotel would you rather stay at?

Hotel sign

Hotel Sign Aged









Do not go for the cheapest price, find a company that is going to deliver quality.  Check reviews, ask for references, as well as physical examples of their work.

Your signage needs to be both creative and informative — it is not enough to do just one.  A large, boring infographic may let customers know everything that you can do for them, but they are not going to take the time to read it.  On the other hand, a flashy, creative sign that says nothing about your company will confuse customers.  It is difficult to find the fine line between educational and entertaining, but it is possible.  A good rule of thumb is the 5 second rule.  Someone should be able to identify your company, your product, and your industry in less than five seconds, but they should be willing to look at your sign for longer than 5 seconds.

Above all, your signage needs to be aesthetically pleasing.  Choose colors that stand out but are not too jarring.  Make sure that there is a natural flow to your signage and that words or phrases are not broken up awkwardly.  Include pictures that inspire but don’t distract.  Also, make sure that your signage is cohesive.  If you have some signs that scream “Advertising to millennials” and others that attempt a timeless feel, your customers will be unable to determine your target audience, and their confusion will lead them to believe that it is not them.  Even the material of your signage tells customers what you are all about.  Make sure that every aspect of your signage gives your customers a cohesive feel.

Take the two bakery signs below as an example.  The first one is a fresh baked pie.  It gives the feel of home made, rustic, deliciousness.  The one on the right, however, gives a feel of modern, impersonal, yet easy in-easy out.  Neither are “correct” per se, but each one gives a very different feel.  You could not use both signs to advertise the same bakery.

Bakery icons design

Bakery concept.











In the end, your signage is serving a dual purpose of marking and marketing your business.  It is letting customers know what you are all about and leave a positive mark about your brand.  Customers will judge you based on your signage, so make sure that they are seeing who you truly are.