Embroidery: Bad, Better, Best!

You might be screaming from the mountain tops “Embroidery is just Embroidery”. I hate to say it, but you are mistaken. We believe that all embroidery is not created equal. We are not scientists but we like lab coats and we wanted to test this theory. So we took one design and went to three different decorators, who will remain nameless in order to protect the innocent. We had them create a puff-embroidered black hat.  What we got back was very interesting.  Below are the results…


Do you see the disparity in embroidery quality? Which hat do you like best?

Now I am sure you are wondering “how do I avoid getting bad embroidery on my hats and shirts?”

Here are a few tips to use…

1.  Ask to see samples of projects they did before.

2.  Does their embroidery look loose and frayed?

3.  Verify that they can really do puff embroidery.

4.  Increase the thread count to make the embroidery more dense.

5.  Add borders to fill to make logo look more finished.

6. Shameless plug – Use Elevate for your embroidery!

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