Finding The Right Swag For Every Season

When it comes to picking out the right custom swag for your business, don’t just throw your logo on some t-shirts and be done with it. To be fair, throwing your logo on some t-shirts is still a great idea and can bring some good visibility to your brand. What we’re saying here, though, is that the best branded companies take tings a step further.


The basics—a shirt, a hat, some socks—all work, but you should be supplementing this base of custom swag with other options. You have a world of choices for branded material at your fingertips. However, you should pick and choose the right moments to brand particular items.


Capitalize on each of the four seasons to make the biggest splash possible with your custom swag. To do this, you’ll need to do a bit of work anticipating the seasonal needs of your clients and employees.


Here are some things you might want to prepare yourselves with:



The weather is improving, the birds are singing, and folks are emerging from their houses and offices and enjoying the sunlight. Take advantage of the warmth by branding some sunglasses, for example.


Likely, you’ll have clients gearing up for a new season of golfing. A polo, golf balls or tees could work well. If you want to go the extra mile here, brand a pair of golf gloves. Find ways to work your custom swag into your clients’ leisure time and hobbies, and you’ll start to form positive associations for yourself.



Think about what goes on in the summer. Unless your operating in Siberia, there will be lake trips, vacations, camping, fireworks shows, and all sorts of other outdoor adventures. Find custom swag that meets these needs.


For example, brand a hat or folding chair in addition to your normal products. Try branding water bottles or drawstring backpacks so the owners of your custom swag can bring it along with them for the fun.



As the weather cools off, help the recipients of your branded material stay warm with a branded windbreaker or vest. These are versatile and can be worn nearly anywhere.



Chilly weather calls for some custom swag that can help you warm up. Look into scarves, beanies, and even winter jackets.


Cold evenings call for hot chocolate, so bring out some branded mugs and cups. If you’re in a particularly cold and snowy area, gloves and window scrapers can come in handy. And, of course, you can never go wrong branding a comfy blanket.


Whatever your seasonal custom swag needs may be, Elevate has you covered. Check out what we can offer you!

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