How Much Is Too Much Branding?

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Branding a business, properly, is an incredibly important step to making your company stand out from the competition. It is an element of growing a business that cannot be overlooked. However, there are times when the large amount of branding you are engaged in can be too much. We call this process “over-branding.” Branding is all about building a company message, but it becomes impossible to do that if you are bombarding consumers with a messy story about who your business is. This is an inescapable symptom of over-branding.

Over-branding is inauthentic

The most negative effect that over-branding will have on your business is that it will likely annoy the very people you are trying to sell yourself to. Trying to throw your brand on anything and everything that you can has the effect of making you like the person at the party who can only talk about themselves. Nobody likes that person. Don’t be that person. Over-branding shows that you aren’t really interested in the needs and interests of your market and consumers, and instead are just trying to sell quickly. In the end, this will always have a negative effect on your brand.

Focus on the customers

The first people you should be going to with opinions about your brand are the very people you are trying to reach: your customers. Identify what exactly about your brand appeals to customers, and then focus on that. This is an area where less can actually equal a lot more. By sticking to the needs that consumers have, you can trim away the fat that will increase your company’s overhead, while having a stronger impact and message on the very people who will actually be more into your company.

Quality over quantity

At the end of the day, having more branding may mean you are getting less bang for your buck. Instead of trying to push your brand in places where it doesn’t belong, focus on getting your name onto products and advertisements that you can be proud of. A recent study showed that over 80% of conversations about specific brands took place face to face. This shows us that putting your effort into a quality message that is very refined will be more likely to get talked about, which will have a much wider-reaching effect than putting your brand on everything you can get your hands on.

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