How Socks Can Be a Game Changer for Your Business

Custom shirts are cool. We can do that for you. Custom hats? Also cool. We also do that. But do you know what can really push your business’s ability to brand itself to the next level? Branded socks. You didn’t misread that. Branded socks are the next big step (pun intended) in custom swag for your business.

Let us explain why:


One Size Fits Most

You’ll meet the podiatric needs of most people with just one or two sizes of socks. This is a far cry from a t-shirt or polo, where you’ll need a full range of sizes, and even then, still won’t know if a certain size will fit a person the way they want it to. Socks, therefore, are a safe bet to meet the needs of the masses.


They’re Easy to Give Away

Sure, you can sell your branded socks; we won’t steer you away from that at all. However, when the time comes to use custom swag as a giveaway item, socks are among the best options for you. Again, most people fit into one or two sizes of sock. Because of that, they’re easy to pass out. Let’s say you’re bringing your swag to an event. What’s easier to launch into a crowd than a pair of socks?


They’re Useful

The appeal of a branded t-shirt is obvious. It can be big, bright, and colorful, and your branding can be splashed all over it. The appeal of branded socks is less obvious but just as important. While a pair of socks doesn’t get as much of the limelight as a shirt might, a good pair of socks will have many more opportunities to be born and therefore, seen, due to its usefulness.

You may not think about your sock selection as much as the pants or shirt you wear, but regardless, you’ll still be wearing socks, and therein lies the magic of branding them.


Socks Are Cool (Really)

We’re not kidding here. Forget all of the jokes about socks being a lame gift—socks are cool now. Albus Dumbledore’s favorite clothing item is a hot commodity these days, and to capitalize on that opportunity couldn’t be easier.

At Elevate, you’ll find the best custom swag options to meet the needs of your business. Whether it be socks, hats, shirts, water bottles, or more, you’re set with us. While you’re here, check out what we can offer you.

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