How to Find the Perfect Blend of Quantity and Quality

Quality over quantity? Works great when you’re ordering a fine wine on a date. Quantity over quality? The way to go when you’re posting up at the buffet. The rest of the time, you’ll need to strike a balance between the two. This is the case when it comes to advertising for your business, and especially the case when you’re making decisions regarding custom t-shirts.

One the one hand, you’re almost certainly making custom t-shirts for a crowd—hence, the quantity.

On the other hand, a high quantity of tacky custom t-shirts leaves you (and the people wearing your t-shirts) looking bad. Quality is key here.

In order to strike the perfect tone with your custom t-shirts, there are a few things you need to know:

What Type of Shirt Do You Need?

The type of shirt you need depends, first, on the event you’re throwing, and second, on your budget.

It’s simple; you don’t need the same shirt for a corporate golf tournament as you do for a family trip to the amusement park. Take your environment into account, as well as the people who will be receiving the shirt. This will go a long way in determining the style and cost of the shirt you choose.

We know; sometimes you don’t need a fancy shirt. Brand doesn’t always matter, and often all you need is a simple logo on a simple shirt. Sometimes, however, the brand is important, the logo or graphic has to look official, and your shirts have to look like they’re fit to be sent to the Queen of England (although we hear she’s a big fan of graphic t’s).

Luckily, at Elevate, we have just about any custom t-shirt option you could think of. There’s just the matter of making your mark on the shirt. Which begs the question…

How Should Your Shirts Be Printed?

Simply picking out the right style of shirt is only half the battle. The style of printing is equally important.

Check this out:

  • High Quantity Printing go with Screen printing for t-shirts is often the most cost-effective choice however you do need to order these in higher quantities to be the most cost effective. It  will also create some of the most vibrant graphics and logos.
  • Need just a few?  Or need a pic on a shirt?  Then digitally printed custom t-shirts are you ticket.  Since you don’t have a set up your smaller quantities are more cost effective, and you can get the details you need.
  • Stay Old School and Stitch a logo, for example, into a polo will give you traditional and professional look.  
  • Get with the times, the “hottest” trend right now, is a heat transfer.  It won’t hang as heavy as embroidery but can look amazing, plus can also have some safety elements if you use reflective heat transfer.

How Can You Find the Right Price?

Each style (and the cost that accompanies it) will fit a different type of event. If you need to know what the best fit is for you, we’ve got good news. At Elevate, we can help you find exactly the right choice for your event. Be it a family reunion, a charity run, a convention, or really any other event that calls for a custom t-shirt, just give us a call and we’ll help you out.


Take our word for it—we won’t just try to push the priciest option on you. We’ll take the time to learn about your needs and your budget, and find the right fit.

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