Ideas for Unique Wedding Invitations

You want your wedding to be something specially unique to you and your significant other. Since your invitation often provides the first impression that your loved ones will have of you as a couple, take a moment to make sure that it truly reflects your relationship. Here are some ideas to make the invites special.

Go Beyond Paper

Have you ever stopped to consider the idea that your wedding invitation DOESN’T have to be a slip of paper? Laser-cut wooden cards have been gaining popularity in recent times. They’re thin enough to sit up on the fridge with a magnet, but the eye-catching pattern and unique texture make the invite a special keepsake. But don’t stop there. What if your wedding invitation was printed on handkerchiefs, on a stylish bracelet that guests could wear in, or on film cases or some other unique item that complements your theme.

…Or Make the Most of Paper

There are amazing things that you can do with paper… it doesn’t have to be limited to a few plain or embossed slips in an envelope. Take your inspiration from the envelope itself. The ancient art of origami provides a hundred other ways to wrap a note and ready it for transportation. Your invite could be in the shape of a ladybug, a star, or a more elaborate envelope that unfolds into the party details that your guests will need. Or you could get really fun and turn your invitation into a cootie catcher, which makes itself a game as well as an invitation.

Make It Tell Your Story

Think about the story of your relationship. For most of your wedding guests, the story will be unfamiliar. Consider what dates you connected most over, how you traveled from each other’s homes, or how one of you popped the question. A few design elements can help you tell the story without going into too much detail. It will be just enough to prompt a question in your guests, and make them go “oh, THAT’s why you featured a subway map on your invitation” when they make the connection at the reception later. Some couples tell their story with a map showing the travel from one place to another. Some tell it with a picture at their favorite date stop.

Make It Interactive

Imagine your wedding guests pulling a balloon from their envelope, intrigued at what it could mean. When they blow it up, the printed details become clear, and already the mere fact of your wedding has added a festive air to their home.

Other designs that feature this idea include 3-D prints that require special glasses to decode. Or, you might have a calendar wheel that encourages invitees to count down the days. Even more fun, how about a scratchcard invite that the recipient has to uncover with a coin to learn the date.

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