It’s On: Quarter Zip vs. Hoodie vs. Jacket vs. Coat

At Elevate Promo, we offer a wide range of outstanding brand marketing solutions to help your company get noticed—and one of those important solutions is screen printing and embroidery.

But how do you choose what to embroider or print your logo on? It’s an important choice that will affect both the cost of your promotion and its effectiveness. With dozens of options ranging from baseball caps to custom golf equipment, it’s worth taking a few minutes to explore your possibilities.

Have you ever wondered what common articles of clothing would say if they could talk? If you’re part of the tiny sliver of the population that answered yes to this question, today is your lucky day.

Let’s hear from four of our most popular clothing items as they explain why they might be the right choice for you.

Take it away, fellas.

Quarter Zip

Hi, I’m the quarter-zip pullover. People love me because I’m warm without being bulky or heavy. I offer a cleaner profile and a more professional look than a hoodie. Traditionally, quarter-zips have been worn for jogging, so I have a sporty vibe.

One of my more endearing qualities is how easy I am to screen print. My material is perfect for emblazoning with colorful logos and eye-catching slogans. I’m easy to clean and I don’t have those draw cords like hoodies do, so there’s nothing to get bunched up or yanked uneven in the laundry.

Even better, I’m having a bit of a moment right now, so people see me as a valuable gift. If you’re looking for a simple, stylish option, choose me for your corporate promo.


Hi! You already know who I am. I’m universally popular, both in the business world (Thanks, Zuck) and in more casual settings. I’m the ultimate in comfortable, no-frills attire. Unlike the quarter-zip pullover, my zipper extends all the way down the front, making it easier to put me on or take me off in a hurry.

I’m warm enough to wear outside on cold days, but when you come inside, just leave me on. It’s almost impossible to be uncomfortable in a hoodie. To top off all my great qualities, I’m super cost-effective. People perceive me as a valuable product, but I’m actually very affordable.

It’s not surprising that I’m Elevate Promo’ most popular clothing item. Choose me if you’re looking for something sensible—something you know people will want to wear. I’m a simple, affordable way to get your logo in front of a lot of people.


I’m lighter than a coat and heavier than a hoodie or quarter-zip. Rather than making me an awkward middle child, this situation actually qualifies me perfectly for outdoor activities. If you’re going to be moving around a lot, but need to stay warm, my ability to break the wind and retain heat while still allowing for a full range of movement is exactly what you’re looking for.

A full-length zipper gives me the formality of a coat, but without the bulkiness. If you get too warm, take me off and tie me around your waist or shoulders—my malleable and lightweight fabric compresses down tightly to fit in backpacks or luggage too.

A branded jacket is a classic look familiar to any stylish man or woman. My clean lines and good tailoring make me a perfect canvas for your branding. Choose me for your promotional marketing if you’re buying for an active, outdoorsy or more mature clientele.


Yep. I’m a coat. You probably get how this works by now. Because I have the most fabric and weigh the most, people tend to perceive me as the most valuable article of clothing on this list. That’s great for you, because you want to be offering value to your employees and clients, and nothing says “I care about you” like offering a thick coat.

That’s not to say that I’m not functional. I’m a vital article of daily clothing. Ever left home in winter without a coat? Almost half the year, your clients or employees will be wearing a coat every single day, so it might as well be a dope one with your logo on it.

For serious outdoors people, a coat is even more important. In temperatures where a jacket or hoodie just wouldn’t cut it, I’m able to keep you totally comfortable—even if you’re not moving around a lot.


It looks like there’s really no way to go wrong here. Any one of these could be a perfect fit (literally and figuratively) for your clientele depending on your goals. That being said, we still want to throw in a pro tip.

In our humble opinion, it’s tough to beat a good hoodie. They’re so versatile! There are loads of different ways we can brand hoodies, each with distinct advantages:

  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery
  • Heat Transfer
  • Laser Art
  • Debossing

With that many options, you know you’ll be able to make your logo look great.

There are different types of fabric too. Thicker hoodies look a little more formal and last longer. A good branded hoodie makes an exceptional gift or piece of swag, and it costs a lot less than a coat or jacket.

You’ve heard what these jackets and hoodies said in the article. Why not visit us and see if these any of these pieces of swag “speak to you” in real life?


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