Last Minute Swag Ideas for Company Party Giveaways

The holidays seem to have snuck up on us again and your company party may be looming in the future as well. If you’ve put off some of the preparations until the last minute there’s no need to fear. You can still get your swag out there in a fun way and give some memorable gifts to your employees and their plus-ones. If the stress of the season has you running short on creative ideas, we have some you can borrow.

Something for Everyone

You want your company holiday party to be an event that makes every single employee feel appreciated. Serving a nice meal helps, but you can amp up the goodwill by making sure every single person goes home with a gift, not just the raffle winners. Swag bags are a hit at the Oscars and they’ll be a hit at your party too.

Stuff some holiday themed bags with your most popular company swag and hand them out liberally. Fill them with items that you would want to have yourself, like attractive t-shirts, hardbound notebooks, aluminum water bottles or tasty snacks.

You could also choose a theme for your swag bags and mix company items with useful extras. For instance, a “night in” themed bag might include microwave popcorn and a throw blanket bearing your company logo, along with a gift certificate for RedBox.

Door Prizes to Keep ‘Em Coming

Providing your guests with a few big ticket gift items is a fun way to get everyone involved and to keep them there until the end of the party. Hand out raffle tickets at the door and draw names at the end of the party for the lucky winners. You can pair hot gift items with some company swag accents to make corporate themed gift baskets. Some fun examples include:

  • A picnic basket full of useful swag bearing your company’s season greetings. You could stock it with coffee mugs, gourmet hot chocolate mix, assorted candies, wine or water bottles, or anything else that follows the theme. Add high-end cookware to make the gift more desirable.
  • A reusable shopping tote full of retail accessories like chip bag clips, a nice notebook for making lists in, and a high quality pen. Top the whole thing off with a fat gift certificate to a grocery store or Target.
  • Package a tablet or e-reader with accessories bearing your company name. A protective case, charger, and other accessories are all easy to have stamped with your logo. An Amazon or Barnes and Noble Gift card makes a nice addition as well.

The promo experts can really save your life when it comes to last minute gift ideas. You can have just about anything customized with your brand, so your employees will be getting a personalized version of their gifts.


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