Make Even the Average Gift Special

The best gifts have a personal touch. That little extra effort that says this gift is especially for you. One of the best ways to make any gift personal is by monogramming it. Monogramming turns even the mediocre into something special. You can even use it to transform a re-gift.

The great thing about monogramming is you can have it applied to almost anything. Don’t think coffee mugs and shirts; you can get really creative with this. Monogramming can be applied with embroidery, print,  lasers (like for leather) or etching. There are a variety of fonts to choose from – blocky and straightforward to fancy and pretty. Just in case the word “creative” makes you freeze up, here are some ideas to get your brain juice flowing:

Special Gift

Do you have traditional items you use around the holidays? Many families like to use an advent calendar or buy a new ornament each year. Make these items even more special this year by adding the family’s name or the initials of the recipient. The Christmas Eve pajamas would be a lot more fun if your pair had your initials on it. Or think about monogramming stockings you hang on the mantel or a tree skirt.

For  the teenager that has just started sports, a duffel bag is necessary to carry all their gear. Get one that stands out and make sure it will never be mistaken for someone else’s by adding their initials. You can even monogram a soccer ball or football, or whatever their sport equipment may be.

The newlywed, or the experienced lovebirds might like a monogrammed pair of wine glasses or mugs. Think of personalizing a warm blanket just the two of them can share.

Is there a new little one in the family? Personalized gifts are a great way to go. Burp cloths, onesies (baby bodysuits), bibs, toys, beanies and bath towels are all great options. A monogrammed swimsuit would be very cute if they live in a warmer climate.

What about for the business man or woman? Maybe a personalized tie or work bag. Cufflinks, a necklace or bracelet, and a paperweight for their desk are good ideas too.

A monogrammed apron or barbecuing spatula could be a good idea for the one who likes to cook. Personalized dishes are a good way to keep them from getting lost at a friend’s house.

The possibilities are really endless. These ideas just scratch the surface to help you figure out what you can personalize to make extra special gifts this year. Happy holiday shopping!

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