Out-of-the-Box Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients

The holidays are a great time to show some extra customer appreciation by freely giving out swag. Make a memorable impression on your clientele this year by skipping the run-of-the-mill promo items and going for gifts with a warmer feel. Think out-of-the-box for your customer gift ideas and start spreading that holiday cheer.

Something to Eat

You could go with the ever-popular, but shamefully bulky three-flavor popcorn tin as a client gift this year, but we’re going to put in a plug for quality over quantity. Choose treats with more of a homemade feel to really connect with your customers and get them to take notice. Chocolate bark in customized bags has an upscale feel that is almost too pretty to eat. If you want to give popcorn, select decorative gift boxes with your message printed on them instead of tins. A chocolate bar stamped to look like your business card is a fun, professional take on holiday treats.

Something to Wear

It’s cold out there! You could have your clients inwardly thanking you every time they walk out the door when you give them a gift that helps them to stay warm. Knit gloves and scarves are a cost effective option that will get lots of use. Have your company logo printed in a non-invasive, stylish way to make sure your swag sees plenty of wear time. Hoodies and jackets are great swag items that have a huge perceived value, which makes key customers feel especially appreciated. If you have an online swag store for your business, giving the gift of warmth to you customers can be as simple as handing out discount coupons and gift cards.

Season’s Greetings

Christmas and New Year’s themed gifts are a fun addition to your swag lineup this time of year, and your customers will love them. Tastefully imprinted Christmas tree ornaments will be a nice addition to your customers’ homes. Mini wreaths with your logo on the ribbon will be proudly displayed as well. Reusable shopping totes bearing your brand will quickly become a favorite item, especially if you distribute them before Black Friday. For a traditional favorite, an oversized coffee mug stuffed with gourmet hot chocolate selections is always a welcome treat. These gifts will bring additional warmth and cheer to your customers during this holiday season and allow you to become part of their Christmas traditions.


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