Screen Printing 101: What The Average Joe Should Know

You have your business retreat and you don’t want to look like a scrub, and you want your branding to be represented.  It’s time to get your shirts made, and you’ll want to get them screen printed.

First things first—what is screen printing, and why is it a good option for your business? Let’s get to it.


What Is Screen Printing?

The screen, in printer lingo, is essentially a stencil. A stencil is created for each layer of the logo or graphic being used, and each stencil is used to add a layer of ink until the full picture is completed.

The inks used in screen printing tend to be thicker and are laid on top of the fabric. This is in contrast to direct to garment (DTG) printing, where the material being printed on in soaked in thinner ink.

Okay, so we have the Xs and Os out of the way. The question remains: when should you—or shouldn’t you—choose screen printing?


When Does Screen Printing Work Best?

Logos that need to pop


Screen printing is best when subtlety isn’t on the menu. The logos and graphics made with screen prints, while often simpler in design and color scheme, are made to stand out.


Simple graphics


Graphics with only one or two ink colors tend to work better for screen printing. For complicated graphics (i.e. photographs, images with several different colors), screen printing may not be the best choice.


Large Quantity Orders


If you’ve got a whole crowd of people to please, not only does screen printing pack the most punch visually, but it may also net you the best deal.


What’s Next?

If the description above checked all your boxes, it’s time to get started. Luckily for you, you’re already at the starting line. Elevate is your go-to source for custom apparel, drinkware, and promotional items.

Screen prints may be the way to go for you—or they may not. At Elevate, we’ll work with you to make sure you get exactly what you need. Come check out what we can offer you today!


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