Setting Your Brand Apart at a Summer Festival

Is your business hosting a booth at a fair or festival this summer? Here are some surefire ways to set your brand apart and make festival attendees remember you.

Staff your booth with engaging people.

Summer festivals are highly social events, and more likely than not, the guests who walk by your booth will be willing to socialize with the staff at your booth. That’s why it’s vitally important to staff your booth with engaging brand ambassadors who will represent your brand well. Look for individuals who can talk enthusiastically about your brand and who can get other people hyped up about who you are as a brand. And if you need to, send out a “street team” into the festival to invite festival attendees to come to your booth.

Give them what they want.

Summer festivals take place during, well, summer, and because of that, passers-by at your booth will be spending a lot of time outdoors in hot, sunny weather. Attract passers-by to your booth by giving them what they want in the form of free promo products. You might put your logo on a free miniature battery powered fan, for example, or you might hand out branded water bottles to help festival attendees cool down. Frisbees, baseball caps, sunglasses, and tote bags are all things that festival attendees want to get for free.

Create an experience.

People go to festivals for a fun experience. Aim to keep that going at your booth by creating an experience out of it. You might host a major giveaway that draws people to your booth multiple times throughout the day, for example, or you might host a fun product demonstration that involves some free giveaways.

Attract with design.

The design of your booth, of course, will either help you or hurt you. You want to make sure you create a booth that truly stands out from the rest. Attract festival attendees to your booth with fun colors, moving signage, fun decorations, and more.

Consider your location.

Don’t forget to consider your location. Do you have a choice of where your booth is located? Maybe you’ll position yourself right by the food booths, for example, to take advantage of the heavy foot traffic that area sees. You can’t always control your booth location, of course; when this is the case, you’ll simply have to attract attendees to you using a combination of the above methods.

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