Setting Up a Company Swag Store

Having all of your company information centralized on your website makes setting up a swag store an easy step. A swag store is a place where you customers and fans can go to purchase items that feature your company logo and other designs. Offering swag in an online store helps you to raise some extra money, get your brand out there, and increase the perceived value and desirability of your brand. Setting one up is easy when you know where to start, and when you have the right professionals on your team.

Getting Started

There are a couple of ways to get this done:

#1 In-House: Talk to your web designer about getting your swag store up and going. It’s as simple as adding a landing page for the store to your existing website. Payment options and shipping info fields can be built right in, so all you’ll have to do is respond to the notifications when orders are placed. Keep your store simple and user friendly. If you have a lot of merchandise that you want to feature, creating concise categories will make it easier to navigate your swag page. Ask your web designer for further advice about how to setup your page.

#2 Through Your Promotional Product Specialists: Most promotional marketers already have a plug and play solution for company swag stores.  They can even make the store look like your current site.  They will then be able to help you manage your inventory, product, and site.  It really is a headache free solution.

Choosing Merchandise and Filling Orders

Deciding which types of merchandise to feature in your swag store is another consultation project, this time between yourself and a promotional expert. They can help you to decide which items would work best for your swag store, how many you might want to include in your initial order, and even what designs you will be featuring on your products. Creating designs that are attractive to a wide range of clientele requires a trained eye, and a promotional pro will be able to help you with this. You can try hiring a professional logo designer, or you can used the trained designer that is part of your promotional marketing team.

Directing Traffic

Once your store is up and running, the next task is to get your customers to shop there. Feature some of the products available online in your office to get customers asking about it. Give out store gift cards or discount codes to show customer appreciation and to direct some traffic to your store. Discount codes can also be given out at trade shows, which will draw additional attention to your business. One of the best things about your swag store is that it will bring more traffic to your site as a whole.  An online company swag store will also create a place where people can learn more about your business and get to know you better.


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