Six Swag Items for Small Business

Your small business is probably like all other small businesses.  You operate on a budget, and that means you will want the most bang for your buck when it comes to promoting your brand.  Lets get the word out about your business.  You need to be sure that you are following the rules for small businesses when selecting your companies swag.  First, make sure your swag item has high perceived value.  Second, your swag reflects on the quality of your product or service. Third, always use promotional products that people will keep and use again.

The following six items follow all three of these criteria and can be accomplished on a small business budget…

Cell Phone Beach Chair
Cell Phone Stands: When you can brand an item that takes up residence on individual’s desks it is a sure winner. That is why cell phone stands are one of the best promo products to produce. We recommend the cell phone beach chair, it is fun and people keep it displayed.
Pens: The classic promotional pen! There is a reason everyone brands a pen, it works. People always use pens, however you need to be careful when picking your pen. The cheapest pen is attractive for sure, but it isn’t always the best route. Picture this, someone uses a pen with your logo on it and while trying to write the tip of the pen springs off of it. Now it is broken. Whether we want it to or not this does reflect on the quality of your service or product. Spend the extra $0.05 or $0.10 to get a pen that will represent your brand and the quality of your service and product correctly.
Shirts: Everyone loves free shirts! You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t. Getting shirts custom branded isn’t as expensive as you might think and it isn’t just for big business. Branding a shirt is one of the best ways to create numerous walking billboards for your company.
Drink ware: From worlds best boss mugs to water bottles you can’t go wrong with a custom branded drink ware. These are an effective way of making your customers or clients feel appreciated. People drink something every day, why not have them drink from your branded drink ware!
Flashlight: Of almost all the swag given out the flashlight is one of the items people throw away the least People keep flashlights in their drawers and cars and your branded flashlight can guide them back you.
Journal Books: Make your business look larger than it may be by providing your own branded notebooks to any business meeting. These are great to give out to your employees and clients. People love notebooks and will continue to use them through out the year. Just another great way to increase your brands exposure.

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