Swag Items People Use Everyday

A great kind of swag is the kind that people use on a daily basis. While some promo items might be awesome and unique, those very same items may end up in a box in the attic, simply because there isn’t any use for them. That doesn’t do you, or your customers, any good. When creating promotional materials, we want them to be seen and fully realized items that will continue to deliver on their advertising value over time. Here’s some of the swag items that ordinary people use every single day…

Water bottles (and cups)

In the promotional materials world, water bottles and cups end up being one of the most interacted with items on the market. Usually, they are frequently used by very proactive customers, whom can be a very valuable consumer base. These materials fulfill a very basic need of quenching thirst, and using them puts the face of your company that that fulfillment. That is the very basis of the promotional materials industry. Whatever other materials you use to stand out, try to always have some water bottles handy to give people for advertising.

Shirts and jackets

Embroidering a jacket makes for an incredibly high-value swag item. They are usually the most beloved of items that get given away. A nice quality jacket will get used everyday, and become an essential part of a person’s routine. T-shirts are also a terrific accessory. These types of products also allow you to fully utilize a design that can take up a good deal of real estate on the clothing item. People love getting apparel, and using that to your advantage lets people associate with your brand on a very personal level. People express themselves with their attire, so letting them do that with your brand is quite useful.

Pocket function items

Using the kind of item that a person would keep in their pocket every single day is a great idea, especially if it can go on a keychain. These types of items could include pocket knives, bottle openers, swiss army knives, small flashlights, and much, much more. Whatever you end up using, though, try to make it functional, rather than just a pocket tag. It’s great to make it something that people will probably use on a daily basis, or at least interact with as they get their phone/keys out of their pocket. Useful items are more appreciated by customers. Use that to your advantage!

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