Swag Wars: Crew Neck vs. V-Neck Tees

Here’s what you already know about using t-shirts as a promo item for your business:

  • You know they’re the most popular swag item among customers.
  • You know that successfully getting customers to wear your t-shirts increases your brand value in your community.
  • You know you need to order a high quality tee in a flattering cut if you want people to wear them.
  • You know you need a simple, attractive logo design to feature on your tee.

But, what about the neckline on the shirt?  How do you decide?  Well, we’re here to offer some help.

The Ladies Love the V-Neck

Almost all women prefer a v-neck t-shirt over a crew neck one. A quick perusal of any ladies’ t-shirt fashion guide will tell you why. The v-neck t-shirt is more flattering to basically every female body type than the classic crew-neck. Your female customers are likely to wear your swag, no matter what color it is or design it features, if it is cut in a way that makes them feel good about themselves. And when they feel good about themselves, they’ll feel good about you!

In order to appeal to a wider range of modesty preferences, choose a v-neck that’s not ultra-deep for your selection of female t-shirts. Speaking of what ladies love, many women also love seeing men in tees with a slight v-neck as well.

The Universal Language of Crew Necks

Even though v-necks are becoming more popular among men, crew-neck t-shirts still enjoy the majority of the market share. The versatile crew-neck is appropriate for so many occasions, and men from all ages and styles are comfortable wearing them. V-necks are a little fashion forward for men, and not everyone will be comfortable wearing them. If your business caters to a wide demographic of people, versus just young people or trendy people, you might be safer sticking with crew neck styles. They’re more likely to appeal to a wider variety of people, and get more wear-time. Many women will appreciate a crew-neck t-shirt as well, but they prefer the softer, feminine cut t-shirt with a crew neck to the traditional t-shirt styles worn by men.

Avoid Becoming an Undershirt

Choosing to go with a crew-neck t-shirt is great, since everyone will like it, but you need to avoid becoming an undershirt. Be sure to not lose focus on your logo design, and the quality of the tee, or you won’t see your t-shirts getting a lot of center stage time. Crew neck tees are popular layering items, which could leave your t-shirt getting a lot of use, but not a lot of attention.

Designing a tee that your customers will be proud to wear will keep your swag being featured as a top-layer item. Choosing v-neck styles for both men and women will increase your chances of your t-shirt getting some face time, and keep them from becoming an undershirt.


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