Swag Wars: Tote Bags vs. T-Shirts

When you’ve only got room in your marketing budget for one more item, your choice comes down to tote bags or t-shirts. T-shirts are perceived as a high value item that everyone loves receiving. Tote bags are also a great investment too, because consumers get a lot of use out of them. There are pros and cons to each item, but at the end of the day, either one is a great choice. In the swag war of Tote Bags vs. T-shirts, you can’t go wrong.

Easy Peasy Tote Bags

Tote bags make ordering and distribution of your swag a quick, simple matter. When placing an order for promotional t-shirts, there’s a lot to consider. Besides choosing a high quality fabric and an attractive design, you have to worry about which style to order for men, and which style to order for women. You also have to consider which sizes you’ll be needing and how many of each to order. With tote bags, you can just stock up on one style and watch them fly off the shelf. When it comes to ease of ordering, tote bags take the cake.

Everyone’s a Winner

Promotional t-shirts are a long time favorite item amongst givers and recipients alike, and they’ve earned their spot at the top of the heap. Trade-show booths that are giving out shirts are usually one of the more popular ones, and attendees are willing to stop and listen to what you have to say in order to obtain one. When you choose a high quality style, an attractive design, and have a wide variety of sizes available, t-shirts will continually be your most popular swag item, year after year. When it comes to pleasing the crowd, t-shirts are the major front runner.

Similar Marketing Benefits

Promotional tote bags carry many of the same benefits as promotional t-shirts. The large printing surface of each allows you to really pump up the design features and do something fun. Both are also items meant for everyday use, which will give your business a lot of exposure as these items make their way around the community. Both tote bags and t-shirts have a substantial air to them, making your customers feel like they’ve been given something valuable, and that you appreciate their business. With all these marketing benefits, having one or both of these items in your swag lineup is a must.


One thought on “Swag Wars: Tote Bags vs. T-Shirts

  1. I totally agree with you, tote bags or t-shirts are best marketing product. These kinds of products are also useful to women and men both genders.

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