Branded Events in Utah

The Art of Branded Events

Don’t Just Check The Boxes

Do you have a big company event coming up? Maybe it’s a company barbecue or a recruiting event? Maybe you’re throwing a movie night or you’re hosting the annual golf tournament. Regardless of what kind of event you’re preparing for, you’re going to want branded promotional products. It’s important going into any company event that you get enough exposure for you brand. The more eyes you can get on your brand the better.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, “Branding events, oh that’s easy, we’ll just buy some poster board, grab Karen, the employee with the best handwriting, and have her write our company’s name nice and big.” Well just make sure she doesn’t start writing the font too large because she’ll end up squeezing those last few letters onto the poster board and it’ll look weird. That almost never happens though. I’m sure you’ll be fine. Karen is a gem.

Listen, there is a wrong way to prepare for a branded event, no offense Karen. If you want to do it right, head over to Elevate Promo. We’re the masters when it comes to branded events. We understand how important it is to build a brand and we want to make sure your voice is heard. To us, branding is a work of art — not a lab experiment.

Creating A Masterpiece

When it comes to branding an event you’re going to want an artist’s touch. That’s why we like to start by understanding your brand. It helps us see the whole picture.

Who are you? What are your dreams? Who are you marketing to and why? Knowing this information will help us help you.

Next, let’s talk about the merchandise. The products you decide to brand can be considered the color pallet we use on the masterpiece. Are we talking custom T Shirts and Hats or is there some other kind of swag you’re hoping to create? The kind of promotional products you choose to brand are going to determine the vibe, look, and feel of your event. Shirts show unity, hats show swagger, pants show that your attendees well! At Elevate Promo we’re going to make sure to get you the products you need.

Once we have our inspiration and our color pallet all we need is your design.  If you need help with the design (don’t tell Karen) but we are more than happy to help with that. Our world class designers know the trends and what works best for brands.  We’re happy to put your businesses logo on your promo items, but we can also do a slogan or quote. Whatever you guys want, we’ll make it work.

As with most things. The real success is in the details.  This is where we make you look like the Beyonce of events.  What are you doing for your signage? Do you have you branded centerpieces?  From name cards to the glasses, these are all opportunities for your brand to be subtly represented.  These are the details that have people walking away saying WOW!

Finally, get ready to show off. When you show up to your event with your hats and your shirts and your pens and your canteens you’re going to look fresh and cool. Get ready to turn some heads, because your new gear will be a game changer. Like a work of art, your branded event will be admired and desired. It makes a difference to have your events professionally branded. The only bad thing to come from using Elevate Promo is that somebody is going to have to tell Karen that her handwriting isn’t needed.

And that my friends is the art of branded events. We create the gear at an affordable rate and you reap the benefits. Using Elevate Promo is one of the best ways to get your company’s brand on the map. Don’t waste a great opportunity like a company event. The exposure you’ll receive will be amazing. Just make sure it’s the right kind of exposure. Sorry, Karen.

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