The Hat Brim Holy War:  Flat Brim vs. Curved Brim

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the most cranial brawl of all time. A hotly-contested battle between two heady heroes. Each has merits. Each has strengths. Each has a passionately loyal fan base.

What we’re talking about, of course, is hats. More specifically ball caps—and their brims. If you don’t have a strong opinion about the brim of your hat, you ought to pay closer attention. These things matter.

Are you a flat-bill kind of person, or do you prefer the more traditional, curved brim? Your answer might say more about your personality than you’d expect. Read on to learn what your hat says about you—and why you might choose one style over the other when picking out your corporate swag.

Straight Shooter

In this corner, weighing in at just a few ounces, hailing from a headwear factory near you, is our challenger: the flat-brimmed ball cap. This upstart became popular just a few years ago, but it’s already found a crowd of fans.

We all know somebody who wears a flat-brim. If it’s a dude, he’s usually familiar with the gym. Maybe he works sales. His large, often-muscular, sometimes shaved head fits comfortably into the deeper headspace that the flat brim allows.

If it’s a girl, she’s likely plugged-in with the art scene. She knows her way around a camera and probably has a YouTube channel. She knows the words to every Wu-Tang Clan song, but you haven’t heard of her other favorite bands.

If none of these sound like you, don’t worry—you don’t need to conform to rock a flat-brimmed cap. That’s the whole point. A flat brim says, “I’m here to party.” It’s new and edgy and even a little rebellious. It serves as more than just a sun visor—it’s a fashion statement.

Love Your Curves

In this corner, we have the reigning champion—the granddaddy of floppy, functional headwear. We’re referring of course to the traditional baseball cap. You know, the one with the curved brim.

This is almost certainly the sort of hat that you dad wore, but that doesn’t make it a “dad hat.” Jay-Z wears one, for goodness’ sake. The curved brim has style, panache—even a certain dignity. It looks good on pretty much everyone.

Guys who wear baseball caps with curved brims tend to appreciate the classics. When they talk about the boss, they mean Springsteen. You’ll never find a spoiler on one of their cars. If you ever catch them sitting, it will probably be on a board of directors or a city council.

Girls who prefer the curved brim are similar in many ways. They exude confidence and timeless grace. The ponytail is more than a hairstyle to them. It’s a way of life. They like dogs and horses, often at the same time, and they make good brownies, but better executives.

Reaching a little too far here? We don’t think so. A curved visor is a nod to established rules of good taste and decorum. If it was possible for something to scream quiet dignity, these hats would.

And the Champion Is…

So, after all that suspense, who’s the actual winner here?

Plot twist: it’s you.

No matter what clientele you’re trying to attract or employees you’re trying to reward, you can find the perfect hat at Elevate Promo.

Consider buying flat-brimmed hats for your corporate swag or marketing if your brand is looking to appeal to younger people, or to fit a “cutting edge” image. A tech company would be a solid candidate, for instance.

Opt for curved-brim hats if your brand is marketing to an older, more established audience, or is trying to exude trustworthiness. A brokerage firm, for instance, should look no further than the inviting swoop of the curved-brim baseball cap.

Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with our great selection from some of the best brands in the world. Oh, and if you need more than just fashion advice, we’re available to help you make other important brand marketing decisions too. You could say we wear more than one hat.

Stop by today to see what Elevate Promo can do for your business!

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