modern trade show booth

The Modern Trade Show Booth

Trade shows have come a long way from their early beginnings in late medieval Europe, when farmers, craftsmen, and merchants would congregate in towns for trading fairs in order to showcase and sell their products. Now, small businesses and large-scale companies of any and every industry are coming together to showcase their latest products and services, all the while pushing for advances in their respective industries and making the trade show a truly interactive experience. In a time when technological changes are going at an ever-increasing rate, these companies are working harder than ever to set themselves apart at industry trade shows, often starting by revamping the traditional trade show booth. Here are some key characteristics that set a modern and highly effective trade show booth apart from the rest.

Moving Graphics

A trade show booth need not be limited to static photos and imagery. Modern trade show booths take advantage of today’s slim TVs and high-end projectors to provide visitors with moving imagery that will stand out. Moving graphics can be incorporated into a live presentation, or a booth might feature a stand-out video that will leave an impression on visitors’ minds.


The most effective trade show booths of today practice experiential marketing; they draw visitors in by providing them with a truly interactive experience. In addition to incorporating video technology in a trade show booth, companies can host demonstrations, offer tangible products for visitors to interact with, offer refreshments, and hold contests for their visitors.

Out-of-the-Box Design

A truly creative design that diverges from the traditional trade show booth is sure to attract traffic. Try thinking of one aspect of your company and making it a focal point of your booth design. Does your company offer a water-related product or service? Consider incorporating lighting against a blue background that mimics the sun’s reflection on gently rolling waters. Do trees factor into your branding? Incorporate a large-scale tree in your design. When in doubt, design your booth in such a way that visitors will want to linger, such as by including ample comfortable seating or a small conference area where you can discuss more about your company .


In addition to making an appearance at trade shows around the country, companies are steadily becoming a part of virtual online trade shows as well, with booths designed to mimic, and fulfill the same functions as, their physical counterparts. These virtual booths, which are often created in part by skilled and computer-savvy online event designers, feature real-life imagery, large displays with relevant information, several icons that trigger various responses at the click of a mouse, audio and visual messages to mimic live presentations, and even a live chat feature that allows visitors to interact one-on-one with the company online.

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