The Perfect Lady’s Tee!

When choosing t-shirts for your swag lineup, you may have gone with a uni-sex or male design for your entire order in the past. You can get high quality shirts this way and your male customers will get some good wear out of them, but they’re probably destined to become pajama shirts for most of your female customers. If you add some feminine cut t-shirts to your swag lineup, your female customers will feel appreciated, and you’ll get more exposure for your brand.

What’s the Difference?

You might be thinking, “Women can just wear a smaller size in men’s t-shirts, right?” Wrong! Women are shaped differently than men and fashion dictates that they wear a different style. Men’s t-shirts are straight cut. This means they have wide shoulders and a body that is almost square. The side seams run straight at a right angle to the hem. The sleeves are usually cut loose, and are longer, running about halfway to the elbow. The neckline is usually a simple crew, or possibly a v-neck. Women’s t-shirts are much different. Some of their distinctive qualities include:

  • Fitted Cut: The side seam is curved, which narrows at the waist and widens at the bust and hips.
  • Narrow Shoulders
  • Shorter, Fitted Sleeves
  • Scooped Neckline: Even a crew neck women’s shirt will be slightly scooped. Deep v-neck and deep scoop neck are also popular women’s cuts.


Picking a Blank Brand

When ordering swag tees, ask your promo provider about the fit of the specific brand you’re choosing. For instance, many high quality brands like American Apparel or Next Level run a size down. Other brands like Port and Company will wear a little boxy. This information is good to have so you can pass it on to your customers when they’re choosing a size. A t-shirt that fits just right is a rare commodity and you’ll get tons of exposure from your swag if you can help your customers to find that perfect fit.

Getting Trendy

Sticking with a classic cut for your promo tees will make them appealing to a wide demographic, but going out on a limb and choosing some trendy options will increase the wear time they’re awarded. Have the classic standbys on hand, but add some razor back tees or tanks to the line-up as well. The goal is to make your company tee become a favorite of the recipient, and following along with current trends is a great way to do that.


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