The Perfect Promo for the Holiday Season

As the year draws to a close, just about everybody has something to celebrate, between Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year, and more, people all over the world and of most every background are feeling the holiday spirit. It’s the perfect time for you to roll out some holiday themed custom promo products.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:


1. Tree Ornaments

As Christmas rolls around (and maybe even before Thanksgiving rolls around), families and businesses all over are putting up their trees. Leave an ornament with employees, clients, and partners to help them as they decorate.


2. Beanies

As the weather cools down, we all have ears to keep warm. Put your logo on a beanie and make sure all the warm-eared people out there have you to thank for their lack of frostbite.


3.Coats and Jackets

A jacket is one of the most sure-fire promo products to stock up on. If you can get your logo on a high-quality jacket, you’ll have a product everyone will love. This is a great item to give during the holiday season, but don’t be surprised if you see it being worn throughout the year.


4. Mugs

Nothing says “holiday season” quite like a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Take care of half of that equation with custom branded mugs. While you’re at it, might as well solve the other half of the equation with a holiday-themed pack of treats, complete with hot chocolate mix.


5. Ice Cream Scoops

It may seem counterintuitive this time of year, but a quality ice cream scoop makes for a great promo giveaway during the holiday season. They can easily be branded and you know they’ll be taken care of throughout the entire year. Plus the connection with ice cream and your brand will make for a sweet concoction.


6. Ice Scrapers

We love a lot of things about the cold, wintery weather of the holiday season. One thing we don’t love so much? Walking out of the house in the morning or at the end of a long work day to an icy car. An ice scraper to clean off car windows is a gift everybody living in a colder climate will love.


7. Luggage/Baggage

Who doesn’t need an extra piece of luggage or duffle bag? Especially if it can easily be identified at airports or crowded places. Help your clients or employees make traveling a breeze and get your branding over a piece of luggage you know they’ll use over and over again.

Whatever your custom promo needs, Elevate has you covered. Come check out how we can help you during the holiday season.

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