Fancy Pen

The Power of the Pen

Our society loves free things.  People will stand in line for hours, interact with people that they wouldn’t normally even look at, and do slightly embarrassing tasks just to to receive free products. Promotional products, or swag, are a great way to get people to connect with your brand and your product.  They are an easy way to draw attention to you, break the ice, and remind consumers of you months down the road.  The most popular items are promotional t-shirts, pens, stickers, chapstick, water bottles, and hats.  Most of these items are things that people will use every day, reminding them about you and your brand.  The easiest and probably most effective promotional item is the pen.

Why the Pen?

Everybody needs a pen.  How many times a day are you asked “Do you have a pen?” According to Social Statistics, only 2% of people say that they never write anything by hand.  70% of people reported that they write by hand a lot, either taking notes or writing documents with hands.  Free pens are one of the most useful swag items, as they are useful, mobile and versatile.

Pens are very mobile, we are constantly borrowing and lending them out to friends and coworkers allowing your pen, and consequently your brand to travel.  Pens are also very versatile, and a great way to expand your brand to more than just your typical audience.  As stated above, everybody needs a pen: CEO’s, front desk receptionists, engineers, teachers, doctors, construction workers, and students.  Giving away free pens is a great way to make a mark as a company on all potential customers.  Every time someone uses the pen, they see your logo.

Make Sure It’s a Good Quality Pen

Cheap pens will quickly run out of ink and will be thrown away.  Cheap pens are not aesthetically pleasing, so they will not be worn or carried with pride.  Cheap pens will also leave people with a bad taste in their mouth, associating your brand with “cheap”.  Make sure that your pens are different from what consumers can buy at an office supply store in bulk.  Opt for fancy designs, ergonomic shapes, and fun colors.  It is also useful to order pens with a stylus or light, making it a multi purpose item.  While “fancy” pens will cost a bit more, they will last longer, allow for more exposure, and give your brand class.


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