The Secret Addition to a Successful Event: Print

Print is an inexpensive way to showcase your brand and to get your brand in people’s hands in a form that will travel with them. Misunderstood by some as an archaic form of brand advertising, print is a financially sound and highly portable advertising option for companies and should thus make their mark at big events such as trade shows, festivals, conferences, and seminars. Here are some ways to make the most of print at your next big marketing event.

Involve great design and print

You can set your brand experience apart with great design and great print. Well designed (and well printed) print pieces on display at a marketing event have the advantage of drawing in passers-by and encouraging visitors to your booth or display area to take your print pieces with them. Many people are drawn to simple aesthetics or can be influenced by a catchy slogan and might take a print piece initially for more impulsive reasons, only to spend time going over the print piece later. So when creating print pieces for an event, spend a little extra money on the aesthetics—a little investment will go a long way in reaching potential consumers.

Make it interactive

Offer potential consumers a way to use the printed pieces you give them at an event. A coupon, for example, is an easy way to get people to pick up your printed pieces and save them in the wallets and handbags. You can also make the print value add to your event by making it an interactive part of your booth, having an activity centered around the paper.

Offer helpful information

Print pieces can also provide industry-related information that customers will want to take with them so that they will have them handy later on. A baking company, for example, might have pieces that feature common measurement conversions and ingredient substitutions, or a paper crafting company might offer quick guides to the various types of paper used in scrapbook making.

Create a cohesive set of pieces

If you have a few different ideas in mind for how you would like to use print at your next big event, it’s a great idea to carry out those ideas while laying out a design plan for a cohesive set of printed materials. Visitors to your trade show booth, for example, are much more likely to pick up more that one piece of paper if the printed pieces at your booth all look like part of a set, rendering one piece of paper “incomplete” without the rest.

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