The Unique Experience of Opening an Apple

In a time where many brands are choosing to go economical and theft-proof on their product packaging, Apple has decided to take what appears to be the high-road. Indeed, Apple packaging in a lovely extension of the product inside; sleek, simple, and innovative. The packaging adds to the exciting experience of purchasing an apple, which is exactly what it was intended to do.

The Man Behind the Curtain

The secret behind the highly specified Apple packaging is a small but dynamic research and development team, dedicated just to packaging. Their top secret work takes place deep in the Apple empire, where few are admitted. There are hundreds of packaging prototypes inhabiting the shelves of the packaging lab, all bringing the team one step closer to packaging perfection. All their hard work and effort pays off every time another customer feels the anticipation and satisfaction that comes along with holding that very special box.

Simple Clout

When you’ve built the brand recognition that Apple has, you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to tell your customers that what they’re about to open is awesome. Instead, Apple keeps things simple and lets the product speak for itself. The packaging is high quality, though, giving a nod to what you can expect from the product it contains. A high-end paper finish, a life-sized picture of the product, and an emblazoned apple tell you everything you need to know about what you’re about to get.

Minute Innovation

Just like the product development teams at Apple, the packaging development team focuses on creating a cutting-edge, user friendly product. Every aspect of customer satisfaction is taken into consideration, from comfort to anticipation. Color coding, arrows, designer tape, and beautiful little arrows all come together to add to the Apple experience.

Consistent Branding

No matter what Apple product you’re buying, from the tiniest iPod to an entire desktop system, the simplicity and beauty of the packaging will be the same. Your package will have that “Apple” feel that lets you know you’re in for something good. This consistency adds to the familiarity of the brand, and fulfills the expectations of each customer, every time. This consistency is a foreshadowing of the familiar accessories, product design, and even software interfacing you’ll find when you turn on your new device. Consistent branding makes consumers feel like they’re part of the Apple family, which makes purchasing from Apple in the future seem like a great idea.

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