Three tips to have the Best Golf Tournament

Golf Tournament Season is among us, are you ready? We want to give you our best advice on how to plan not just a good, or great, but the BEST golf tournament.

Three tips to have the Best Golf Tournament

#1. Experience

IT IS ALL ABOUT THE EXPERIENCE!!!!! From sign up, to golfing, to even after the tournament! Ask yourself these questions…

Does my sign-up process add to my event?

What unique info do I need during registration?

How do my golfers arrive, check-in, and interact with people during the event?

When all is said and done, how will you follow up with them? This is where you get the big wins!

Creating a unique, fun and overall great experience makes ALL the difference.


#2. Connecting


How will your golfers connect with you and your company? Don’t just hand everyone a swag bag when they walk through the door. Hand out gifts and gear throughout the whole tournament. Will you just play golf or make it so that they have a chance of additional fun? Will you create opportunities for the golfers to network together? Make a plan on how you are planning on connecting with them.


#3. The Gold is in Details


Go above and beyond the details. Create branded signage, flags, prints, etc. Know their preferred drink choice. What is their favorite golf ball to play with? How will you do lunch? The more you can personalize it, the more memorable your tournament will be.


Do you want to talk golf?




We truly believe this about golf tournaments, and we practice what we preach! Check out our Invitationals from years past!

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