Using Promotional Items as an Incentive

Business people talking around a tableWhether you’re trying to motivate a sales crew or encourage customers to buy, offering promotional items as an incentive is a great way to get the ball rolling. Promotional items, from t-shirts and tote bags to a full blown vacation, draw the attention of the recipient, and help you to accomplish your goals. Oftentimes, promotional items are even better incentives than money would be, because of the added benefits they carry.

Perceived Value

Promotional items give you the chance to give a higher quality gift than just money. When you find a good deal on your swag, you can offer your employees or customers a nice item that may be perceived as being more valuable than what it actually cost you.

For instance, a bulk order of high quality water bottles may average out to $3 a piece on your end, but the recipient of this gift couldn’t go to the store and find a similar item for $10. This way, you’re able to add more value to your incentives, save money for your business, and give a gift that gets you noticed.

A Personalized Touch

Giving money as an incentive can be perceived as impersonal, and doesn’t really show your appreciation for your customers or employees. Promotional items have a personalized feel, and show the recipient you’ve put some thought into the items you’re giving them.

Promotional items like mugs or hats can even have the recipient’s name printed on them, giving them a truly personal touch. When you give a promotional item as an incentive, you’re not only motivating sales, you’re showing your employees and customer base that you care.

A Visual Goal

A cash incentive gives your sales team a marker to hit, but it doesn’t offer a constant reminder of their goals like promotional items do. Promotional items can be displayed in their work space, offering a reminder of what it is they’re working towards. That reminder can encourage friendly competition between employees which will push sales higher.

If you’re offering a big incentive like a vacation or a more expensive item, you can create a whole display about the contest that will draw the focus of your employees. You can offer less valuable items for the runners up in the contest, and display those as well. This helps everyone keep their eye on the prize and have some fun while reaching their goals.

2 thoughts on “Using Promotional Items as an Incentive

  1. If you are planning to use a promotional item as incentive it needs to be a product that’s actually useful. If people could care less about the product, they won’t be motivated to earn it.

  2. Nice article. People loves free stuff, giving out promotional items is such an excellent strategy to attract new customers. Promotional logo items can be handed out during tradeshows and other corporate event. In these way you can be sure that more customers will get interested in the event at the same time promote your brand by having your company name and logo printed on these items.

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