Which Promotional Products Pack the Most Punch?

It’s easy to spend a great deal of time agonizing over which promotional products to put your company’s branding on. After all, you want your marketing dollars to stretch as far as possible, and you want the promotional products you choose to help you build a strong rapport with your target consumer base. It can help to know which promotional products inherently have the strongest track record for impressions; here is a look at some of promotional products that historically pack the most punch when they find themselves in the hands of consumers.

Branded apparel

Branded apparel is arguably the most effective type of promotional product you can put out there because these particular products travel with the consumer. The key with branded apparel, however, is to go big or go home—invest in ultra soft fabrics, flattering fits, and a top notch design.

Shopper totes

Since they fall under the broad category of “accessories,” shopper totes see a great deal of travel as well. According to one statistic, bags generate more impressions than any other promotional product in the U.S., averaging at about six thousand impressions per bag. Another statistic states that 31% of Americans own at least one promotional bag. Shopper totes are especially popular in the bag realm, but don’t forget about other options like duffel, laptop cases, and insulated lunch bags, as well.

Writing utensils

They may not be big, but they pack a major impact. Writing utensils have a major tendency to travel, and it doesn’t hurt that they don’t cost a lot to make. Considering the hundreds—even thousands—of impressions that a pen can make and their low cost of production, writing utensils might just hold the prize for lowest cost per impression.

Don’t forget context.

Even with certain products like shopper totes, pens, and t-shirts having a strong track record when it comes to their promotional power, it’s still important to consider context as you select which promotional products you’re going to brand. If you’re headed to a trade show for businesses that offer products for athletes, for example, then maybe you’d be better off opting for sports packs or duffle bags rather than shopper totes. If you know that an expo you’re attending will be host to a great many animal lovers, then it might be a good idea to opt for leashes, collapsible water bowls, or frisbees. Ultimately, the most successful promotional products for your company will be made with your audience in mind.


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