Your Custom Gear Could Be As Easy As A Snap

The snap of a snapback hat. Now that is a satisfying sound. The way the ends pop together between your fingers to allow your hat to conform to your head is a feeling to long for. The adjustable hat is a genius invention. It’s so simple and convenient. Who ever came up with the snapback is most likely highly underpaid.

There’s a reason snapbacks have been around for so long. They’re cool. They’re comfortable. They’re user-friendly. A hat can also convey a lot about it’s wearer. Are they into sports? Are they a fisher? Are they an Instagram model? Or do they simply just need protection from the sun? Whatever it is, a hat tells a story.

What story do you want your hat to tell? If you could have any Custom Embroidery placed onto your snapback, what would you want it to say? Maybe you should put your name on it, or a funny quote from a movie. Or maybe you should smack your logo on there and use hats as promotional items for a business. Small companies revel on this small scale marketing swag. It can help bring a brand to life.

At Elevate Promo, we make telling your story a cinch. Especially if you’re hoping to build your brand. Custom embroidered hats are as easy and as simple to wear as they are for us to design. All you have to do is come with an idea.  We will help create a design that tells your story and then we’ll decorate your hat. We can Embroider, screen print, heat transfer, deboss, and a bunch of other decoration techniques that will enhance your brand’s story! It’s as easy as adjusting your snapback.

However, we’re not just a one-trick pony. We can tell your brand story on all sorts of custom swag, T-shirts, bags, luggage, water bottles, jackets, and millions of other ways. The point is to make sure your brand gets noticed. Elevate Promo knows how important it is to tell a good story. Heck, we have our own story to tell, so we see the value in good story telling.

What’s In It For Your Business?

The benefit is obvious, isn’t it? You’re creating merchandise for your brand as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. We help you decide on the type of merchandise to tell your story
  2. We create your design tell your story
  3. We do the rest

Really. It’s that simple.

What’s in it for us?

That’s a fair question. We’re a business too. We’d be lying if we didn’t say that we want your business but it’s a little more than that. We really care about what we do. We’re not some warehouse that just prints logos, we like to look at ourselves as people people. We’re not strangers to hard work or going the extra mile for our customers. We get just as much pride seeing one of your shirts as you do. We enjoy building your brand and feeling like we played a role in helping a small business.

The process of simple swag marketing is as easy a snapping your snapback. You have a story that needs to be told and we’re happy to tell it. Get your gear from us, get your logo and/or slogan placed on it. Reap the rewards, and do it all in a snap.


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